Debate Offer: Jacob Prasch -v- Chris Rosborough, July 2020

James Jacob Prasch would indeed be happy to debate Chris Roseborough on the diversionary issue of ‘The Metatron’
in a second public debate in Jerusalem as is proposed, once the actual John Mac Arthur/ Doreen Virtue issue that 
Mr. Roseborough himself initially and publicly accosted Jacob Prasch for on video, is first debated.

As his videos document, Mr. Roseborough’s defense of John Mac Arthur’s ‘Mark of The Beast’ teaching, and his support 
of the ‘ministry’ of Doreen Virtue with the apparition of her “3 D Jesus with the radiating ‘sacred heart’ but no nail marks”, 
was and remains the basis of conflicting opinion as was voiced and video documented by Mr. Roseborough himself.

Once his ‘John Mac Arthur Derangement Syndrome’ & ‘Doreen Virtue’ polemics as first raised by Mr. Roseborough are publicly 
debated in front of a live stream camera, we will be utterly delighted to debate the ‘Metatron’ in Jerusalem. As the headquarters of
’Ha Sochnut’ (The Jewish Agency) which determined that Jacob Prasch is of Jewish descent and awarded him an
immigration certificate on that basis, is also located in Jerusalem, it would be an ideal location. The bogus amateur 
Wikipedia Genealogist antics, and fraudulently concocted DNA pie chart (that is not even Jacob’s actual personal sample DNA) 
fabricated by Mr. Roseborough can be permanently debunked with a simple visit with two independent witnesses (and if security 
allows – a video recording) to The Jewish Agency. We would look forward to debating the Metatron in this second debate, once the 
original matter publicly presented on Youtube by Mr. Roseborough as the grounds for his contention has been debated first.

Any efforts to circumvent or circumlocute the core issue however by means of changing the narrative, moving the goal post, 
or diverting to another issue in order to avoid the real one as first laid out By Mr., Roseborough, can only be viewed as a 
cowardly sham. We therefore accept the second debate challenge in Jerusalem on The Metatron, after the first debate on 
the very core issues Mr. Roseborough himself first confronted us with in the public arena. We now look forward to not one debate, 
but two. We respectfully propose that the first debate be held in the USA as it would give the most streamed live time accessibility 
to the most viewers.

Moriel/ JJP


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