It has been Moriel’s policy to ignore the diatribes of Bill Randles, an unsuccessful pastor & author, as we have stated all we needed to and choose to deny him the attention he seems to crave since pulpit as a pastor and platform as an author no longer accord him the recognition he once had, but largely no longer does.

It appears that unable to amplify his erroneous teaching and criticisms of myself & Moriel, Bill Randles has sought to jump onto to bandwagon of another in an attempt to regain the voice he no longer can command on his own. Specifically, he has joined forces with Ultra-Lutheran sacramentalist and A-millennial/ Post Millenial Great Tribulation denier Chris Roseborough in a rather theologically ridiculous effort to misrepresent and distort my own beliefs.

Bill Randles, (like Mr. Rogers – the follower of David Nathan and devotee of Michael Brown) of course speaks in gross doctrinal ignorance concerning both the subject of the Metatron and my evangelistic use of it in witnessing to Orthodox Jews which has been my only interest in it or reference to it. It is a necessity in Messianic Apologetics for Jewish Evangelism to religious Jews to be able to address their distorted cabalistic view of the One in Old Testament scripture called “The Angel Of The Lord’, known to Christians as a Christophany (Old Testament appearance of Christ), but called The Metatron by Orthodox and Chassidic Jews who later reframed the scriptural figure with mysticism in the Zohar and the Babylonian Talmud.

This 20-year-old teaching on the Metatron was part of a training series to assist Christians to share their faith evangelistically with Orthodox Jews and educate them in what they believe, much the same as the evangelistic training for Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Moslems, Roman Catholics, New Agers, etc. Like Paul in Athens, one must know what others believe to enter into evangelistic dialogue with them. In the teaching, I did specifically issue caveats warning against the occult nature and Babylonian Gnosticism in Kaballah. Now, 20 years later a former Nazarene turned manic fundamentalist Lutheran takes something out of the evangelistic context it was presented in to falsely attack me ascribing nonsensical beliefs to me that I have not only never held, but examined in context, actually warned against.

To grasp this idiocy, Bill Randles, of course, supported the Menelaws in their promotion of David Nathan while even admitting that he knew David Nathan to be a heretic (denial of God The Father as Creator, belief in animal blood being able to remove sin, and praying God’s power into a tie or jacket to knock people over for healing). As a result of Bill Randles’ actions, Moriel ceased our marketing and promotion of his books that almost no one reads. Consequently, he is embittered.

Without reference to myself or Moriel, for reasons unrelated to us, Bill Randles, as a result of his actions, has lost nearly all of his church in Iowa. He has since had false teachers in his church (among them, one who teaches that the 2 witnesses of Revelation 11 are God The Father & The Holy Spirit who must come in human form and die in Jerusalem as Jesus did, and Craig White from the unmitigated lunatic fringe). Thus, we are not completely surprised that Bill Randles now aligns himself with Chris Roseborough, a notorious proponent of sacramental & Post Milleniel hyper-Lutheranism. Bill Randles also now teaches that the Gospel is ‘not a Message of Love’. Bill Randles is disturbed that we consider him to have become a proven false teacher and angry because we can no longer carry or promote his books in good conscience. The scandals that surrounded the mass exodus from his church were indeed very ugly, to say the least, but were wholly unrelated to us. Now however we understand why.

Most of Bill Randles’ itinerate ministry as an author whose books do not sell, and who is no longer welcome to most churches that once invited him, is likewise over and not going to be resuscitated. Though we had absolutely nothing to do with his decimated church where all of his elders, his secretary of more than 25 years, and whole families that had been with him walked out in utter disgust, for doctrinal & ethical reasons, we are in sympathy with those who left. Bill Randles labeled the pastor of the local Calvary Chapel to where many of his former congregants went as refugees as a “Psychopath”, thus we are not surprised at his attacks on us. These refugees included the majority of young adults who had grown up from early childhood in the nursery and Sunday School of what little is left of his church. Again, Moriel & myself had no involvement in this, but we are forced to recognize that those who joined the exodus from his church had little ethical & doctrinal option.

Regarding ‘The Metatron’ we will of course be issuing a refutation to the bogus theology of the extremist Lutheran Chris Roseborough, who teaches forgiveness for sins come from telling one’s sins to him as ‘pastor’ and to receive ‘absolution’. Roseborough also teaches such things as that the Millennial reign of Christ began 2,000 years ago with the Ascension of Christ when Satan was supposedly bound, and that there is no such thing as a literal 666, etc. Having lost most of his church and most of his ministry, this proponent of sacramental salvation is the new partnership Bill Randles has chosen because most of those who once stood with him can no longer trust or respect him, nor sanction his supposed ministry. One can almost sarcastically imagine Bill Randles ‘going to confession’ and kneeling before the statue of Christ in Roseborough’s church and telling Roseborough his sins to get remission. Why would a Pentecostal parakeet for Roseborough?

Chris Roseborough is the worst kind of Lutheran – propounding a hybrid of Roman Catholicism and Lutheranism, complete with graven images, altars, candles, icons, crucifixes, and a belief in ritualistic ex opera operato baptismal regeneration. He also believes in an actual literal presence of Jesus in the physical communion wine and bread (without the elements being transubstantiated) that is the vehicle to remove sin. This is a very strange ally for a Pentecostal as Bill Randles professes to be. Embittered & desperate people however do desperate things. Oddly, Bill Randles has often written and spoken of the End of The Age, but he is now in bed with someone who denies and teaches against a literal 7 final years, a denial of an actual mark of the beast and 666, and who rejects the prophetic significance of contemporary world events.

For those unfamiliar with Chris Roseborough, he is somewhat renowned for his excretory vulgarity and fecal profanity complete with cartoon graphics of an explicitly excretory and fecal nature which he deems to be funny to demean Christians who disagree with his twisted doctrinal theology. He dismisses Christians who take the Olivet Discourse & Matthew 24 and End Time Prophecy literally as a “Doomsday Cult”. He has currently gone into promoting the Doreen Virtue and her claimed ‘vision’ (and now a painting) of her 3 Dimensional Jesus with curly brown hair, but no nail marks showing everyone his sacred heart extruding from his chest. Roseborough is also an ardent defender of John Mac Arthur’s teaching that there will be people who accept the Mark of the Beast, and still get saved and go to heaven (even though Roseborough teaches it is not a literal mark). The question is: ‘Why would Bill Randles now go into league with such a nefarious person’? The answer is unfortunately obvious. The reason is resentment and desperation.

Bill Randles gave the Judas kiss only to discover that his filthy lucre was a devalued currency. In the end, almost inevitably, Judas hangs himself.

Studio Scotland & GV 24/7 who promoted David Nathan and whom Bill Randles defended are locked in a dilemma. They have been unable to produce another film with the merit and impact of ‘The Daniel Project’ despite hiring a famous Hollywood talent for a supposed sequel. Their other films come to no real notoriety. Yet their crowning achievement,’The Daniel Project’ is built around the narration of someone they now detest – specifically Jacob Prasch. They are permanently saddled with the dilemma that their signature production features me and they must, therefore, p
romote my ministry while simultaneously hating and cursing it at the same time. This hideous quagmire is a comical fiasco that most certainly reflects the humorous judgment of God. They can only present their premier film by giving accolades to their chosen nemesis. This is God’s Hand. How can I not laugh? Meanwhile, their GV 24/7 is a pointless joke that hardly anyone watches in terms of viewership. This is whom Bill Randles defends.

Yet Bill Randles himself has likewise has become a failed pastor whose church he caused to disintegrate and a failed author whose itinerate ministry he has largely caused to collapse, with a repertoire of books he cannot persuade many Christians to purchase and read. Joining forces with an extremist Lutheran sacramentalist who teaches that Satan has been bound for the last 2,000 years – in order to attack me & Moriel with falsehood, is not going to revive the ministry that he destroyed. What is left of Bill Randles’ ministry is folding like a cheap suit. No longer having much of a pulpit or a platform of his own, so we now witness the pathetic spectacle of Bill Randles playing the drum in someone else’s parade. He tries to make a big noise, but the music is cacophonic and the percussion is deafening; very few are even listening.

This has been a tragic saga. I once endorsed and promoted Bill Randles. and Moriel pushed his material and helped him however we could. The spiritual, ethical, and theological ruination that Bill Randles has inflicted upon himself and his church & ministry has been a sad victory for Satan. I do not delight in the demise of his writing ministry, or in seeing the deflated vestige of its former self that his church has become; things which Bill Randles has very foolishly brought upon himself. Yet these grim realities remain undeniable. Disingenuous spins, more false teaching, and ungodly vengeful alliances with pseudo-sanitized Roman Catholicism are not going to reverse it.

With the

In Christ,

J. Jacob Prasch (Moriel)

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