The 666 Virtue of Chris Rosebrough

This is a “Docu-Film” exposing some of Chris Rosebrough’s dangerous doctrines and teachings that many of his audience are not aware of.

Jacob responds to the personal and biblical attacks from Chris Rosebrough from Fighting for the Faith. He deals with a range of issues with detailed biblical answers in response to old allegations rehashed by Mr. Rosebrough, from TBCKWAII, Tim Wirth, Frank Rogers, and Graham Baldwin. Jacob deals with each issue comprehensively showing the unethical and nonfactual allegations are not only false but are unscriptural and only designed to undermine and injure. The video is just under 3 hours long, as there was so much detail to cover, so please sit back, watch and understand the narrative coming from these men. Please pay attention to the dangerous doctrinal positions Mr. Rosebrough holds, which, many people are not aware of.

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