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  1. Most of the podcasts are from videos found our YouTube channel; or are available through Moriel, Devore, or Sandy Simpson. Moriel is currently working on a project to put descriptions – which includes date and location of recording – on all the videos. Unfortunately, that has not yet carried over to the podcasts.

  2. To see God fulfilling John 16:13 in “the Spirit proclaiming to us the things that are to come” through these teachings is indeed remarkable in this dark hour. I believe this new podcast format will be a blessing for new believers. In Open Door NYC, a Moriel-affiliated fellowship, we’ve seen 40 coming to faith in Christ through the new birth in the last year and a half. Some of these newly saved brethren are both college and high school students. Some have been continuing in their newfound faith and have been attending our regular Saturday night meetings at the Ukrainian Assembly of God Church basement where we’ve met now for ten years. What we have in NYC is analogous to a spiritual nursery, where these newly saved brethren encourage one another to grow and continue in their faith. Our prayer is this steady doing of Hebrews 13:13 might continue in Baltimore where we’ve begun and hopefully in other areas as well.