A timely word about Jeremy Corbyn and the British Chief Rabbi

As much as I welcome, the Archbishop of Canterbury for his solidarity with the Chief Rabbi’s stance on Jeremy Corbyn, I do not welcome the so-called support of Muslim Council of Britain, because, what is the difference between Adolph Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajimi Al-Alhusseini during the European Jewry Holocaust?

Let the Muslim Council of Britain first condemn the actions of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem’s role in the holocaust before jumping onto a popular bandwagon at this point, because the Labour Party has been hijacked by Islamists and it is the reason for Jeremy Corbyn counting on the Muslim’s voting block to ignore blatant Muslim hijacking of the Labour Party to impose a culture of antisemitism, hatred of Jews, anti-Israel and anti-Zionism in the Labour Party.

The root of antisemitism in the Labour Party comes from this Muslim hijacking of Labour. It must not be swept under the carpet, as the role played by the Grand Muffti of Jerusalem during the holocaust, which has remained ignored that the Muslims were as guilty as Adolph Hitler. They should not just pretend and blame it on Jeremy Corbyn. Although Jeremy Corbyn is antisemite, and Muslims have exploited it for their benefits when they hijacked the Labour Party. Both are not different from the other, as Hajimi Al-Alhusseini was the tail, and Adolph Hitler was the head of a penny coin.

These two are not better than the other. Birds of the same feathers flocks together. No whitewash of their culpability should be ignored. They drove Jews out of the Labour Party. The slogan was Jews and Bible-Christians out of the Labour Party… Muslims take over. Therefore, any vote for the Labour Party, is a vote for ISLAM, sharia, and Islamisation of Great Britain. That is the agenda of MCB. They should not pretend, they hound with the DEVIL in the wee hours of the night, and come out publicly to weep with the bereaved, they murdered in the secret.

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