An Open Letter – Addressed Primarily To: The General Superintendents of AG-USA and AoG-UK

Friday April 29, 2005

Are you aware of the fact that the founder/father of Hillsong, viz Frank Houston was a paedophile who hid his crime for more than 30 years and that a cover-up has continued and been perpetuated by the movement he formed as to the incidence of his sexual abuse activities?

CWM is about to release our regular mailer. It will provide much information including the evidence on which we base the above assertion, Are you aware of the extent that Brian Houston, son of Frank Houston and now head of Hillsong and President of AoG-Australia, has gone in linking your movement to the heretical papacy that the Reformers and our Pentecostal fathers vehemently rejected?

See the following link to a PDF file that Brian Houston and Hillsong have just released: Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 21:01:08 +1000

Messrs TRASK and WEAVER – what are you going to do about it? Your public attendance at next week’s Conference implicates you and the movements that you represent.

I do not commend you in anything and I do not wish you God’s speed, for Scripture forbids me to do that. I call on you to repent of your close association with the heretical Hillsong and AoG movements in Australasia.

Sincerely your in the LOVE of THE Truth,
Philip L. POWELL

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