Statement from Jacob Prasch Regarding Obituary of Pope John Paul II

As expected, there has been a strong reaction to our obituary of Karol Wojtyla/ John Paul II. Many are delighted that at least someone is telling the truth. Some others, especially Roman Catholics, are predictably angered. Just as predictably however, no one has thus far been able to challenge the factual accuracy of what was stated.

For the record, I led a public prayer for the salvation of the late pope hours before his death in England after returning from Germany and I had personally been praying that he would, in the mercy of God, find place for repentance and come to a true salvation in Jesus before he died instead of trusting the false gospel of sacramental ritual, Maryolatry, and purgatory.

Indeed, ultimately God only knows where he will spend eternity. But we stand by the undeniable facts of the wickedness he perpetrated as pope.

Our opposition to Roman Catholicism should not be misunderstood as being opposed to Roman Catholic people by any means.

On the contrary, we are for Roman Catholic people (including the family of my own mother) which is why we want them to know the truth and reject the Satanic lies of Rome and come to the real Jesus by way of the New Birth. Our hatred of the papacy and its corruption should likewise not be misunderstood as a personal hatred for the pope.

If this pope could return to life for even one minute he would preach a very different message than the lie he preached while alive.

I would not wish eternal hell on anyone except Satan and his demon angels. I would not even wish it on the pope. I pray that many Roman Catholic people will turn from Rome and its idolatry, necromancy, superstition, eucharistic cannibalism, false gospel of purgatory and sacraments, its clerical pedophilia and its papal corruption and come to know the true salvation in the true Jesus.


J.Jacob Prasch

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