Pope Benedict XVI – Joseph Radzinger

by James Jacob Prasch

As doctrinal Czar for the Roman Church, Cardinal Joseph Radzinger occupied the position that had once been called “The Inquisitor General”. His Vatican department for sacred doctrine had in former times been known as “The Inquisition”.

When German theologian Hans Kung challenged the pre-incarnate deity of Christ, Radzinger did nothing. When Kung questioned papal infallibility (held as official dogma since 1854 as proclaimed by Pius IX who issued the “Qanta Curia” encyclical denouncing democracy and who supported the pro-slavery of the American confederacy), Radzinger promptly stripped him of his credentials as a Roman Catholic theologian. Radzinger’s theology was clear: say what you want , no matter how heretical or apostate, about Jesus Christ, but do not question the pope or the papacy.

Ultra-liberal theological voices were openly tolerated by Radzinger such as the Dutch scholar Scheelzabexxe, but wherever a political agenda was at stake Radzinger cracked down like Hitler’s Gestapo backed by a Nazi panzer division. Radzinger’s record confirms that the new pope is a consummate theocrat whose commitment is to the hypocritical institution he now heads, and not to the Christ it ostensibly claims to represent.

It may be the case that in his youth membership in the Nazi Hitler youth was compulsory and that he deserted Hitler’s army two months before the war’s end when it was clear Hitler could not win. We may be sure, however, that Radzinger will never come clean about the Nazi role in bringing Hitler to power in coalition with the Zentrum Roman Catholic Party of Bavaria headed by Hans Von Papen, privy chamberlain to Pius XII, who was sentenced at Nuremberg. There will be no comment on the silence of Pius XII when the Jews of Rome were deported nor the partnership of the Roman Catholic hierarchy under Arch Bishop Stepinac in the Ustashi Nazi genocide of 750,000 in Yugoslavia. Neither will this German pope come clean on the Rat Route or the protection of Nazi war criminals in Roman Catholic convents and monasteries. ‚   Like Radzinger – Hitler, Himmler, Eichmann and Gorbels were all German Roman Catholics (Gorbels and Himmler were Jesuit educated and trained), but none were excommunicated.

The real issue surrounding Pope Radzinger, however, is his reissuing of the notorious papal instruction of Pope John XXIII ordering bishops to protect pedophile priests and nuns (and clerical practitioners of bestiality), to the detriment of the little children whose lives these sex perverts in cassocks and habits with crucifixes around their necks destroy. The document is called Solicitaciones Criminales, a secret Vatican document a portion of which was leaked.

From the inquisitions to the crusades to the Bourger and Medici popes, that there is an endemic deficiency of moral integrity in the Roman Catholic Church and always has been is a historical fact and an understatement.

But if there were any justice among those governments saluting Radzinger, they would instead be asking if there are legal grounds to indict him for conspiracy to obstruct justice and accessory in the molestation of minors.

To Pope Radzinger The Fallen World Says:

Benedictum Qui Viene In Nominae Dominum

We Say:

Vaticanum Delende Est

(Please forgive any wrong spellings or botched up Latin case endings. After getting saved and learning Hebrew and Greek I have long discontinued my use of what Charles Spurgeon called “the mongrel tongue of Rome”.)

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