Filth Upon Filth

The US Government allows a Moslem cleric to denounce Christians and Jews as filth quoting from the Islamic scriptures. If someone responds by calling Islamic filth however it us  called a hate  crime.

What if we were to react  by saying:

Listen to the Islamic filth of a filthy  barbarian savage in the USA  denouncing non-Moslems as filth because of the  filth of his  filthy Islamic  religion. The actual filth however are the Obamas, Bushes, Carters,  and Clintons who allow this filth into America giving such filth visas instead of deporting such filth  and closing their filthy mosques as should have been  done after September 11th, the Islamic  assassination  of Robert Kennedy, and the Boston Marathon  bombing by other such filthy Islamic filth. Although it is all true, the Saudi owned and  influenced  political establishment wouldn’t like it. Only filthy Moslems are allowed  to get away with calling non Moslems filth in the America of bought and paid for political  hypocrites like  Clinton, Carter, Bush, and Obama.

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