Once the Salt Has Lost its Taste

June 30, 3013
by James jacob Prasch                                                                                                                                                                        

In the Last Days true followers of Jesus will be hated and persecuted ” no exceptions.                                                                                                                                                                            

Ronald Reagan is Dead but His Lies and Betrayal Live On In The Supreme Court.                                                                                                                                                                                           But so too does the foolish stupidity of the Religious Right.

When Chief Justice John Roberts, appointed by George Bush, voted for Obamacare many conservatives were shocked. They should not have been. Roberts is a Republican.  Now, as Justice Anthony Kennedy appointed by Ronald Reagan voted in what amounts to a judicial sanction of same sex marriage, many Christians were shocked. They too should not have been. Kennedy is also a Republican.  After all, it was also the homosexual Republican judge nominated by Reagan and appointed by Bush who against the democratic will of the people of California struck down Proposition 8 in a worded decision faulting Christianity for hatred of homosexuals. Now Kennedy, the Reagan appointed Republican, has issued a worded statement affirming the validity of an overtly anti Christian legal decision. Thank you Ronald Reagan. Thank you George Bush.

But again, only two months ago Laura Bush and former Republican Vice President Dick Cheney (whose daughter is a lesbian married to another lesbian) issued a film clip endorsing same sex marriage. Since when have the Bush family ever done anything Christian? As they flog, imprison, and even in some cases hang and behead Christians for their faith in Saudi Arabia, George H. Bush who is partners in the Carlyle Group with the House of Saud, calls Saudi Arabia “our friends”, while his son George W. Bush placed a Koran which says “God has no Son” in the White House to honor Islam after the September 11th attacks despite The New Testament teaching in 1 John that denial of the Father-Son relationship is anti christ.

As we have reiterated in the past, it was Dwight Eisenhower’s appointed Earl Warren Supreme Court that ordered God out of the class room as it was Richard Nixon’s Warren Berger Supreme court that ordered God out of the maternity ward with Roe v Wade. Not least of all however is the enduring saga of Ronald Reagan and his evil, evil lies. It was Reagan’s Supreme Court Justice Sandra day O’Connor who ordered God out of the judiciary.  After promising Christian America he was pro life, Reagan did nothing pro life but rather stabbed a dagger into the backs of the na ¯ve and undiscerning people who believed him and appointed a pro abortion Sandra Day O’Connor to the Supreme Court. While some conservatives found her pro affirmative action decision an outrage that is a secular issue. It was O’Connor who ordered the 10 commandments out of the Alabama Judicial building. Moreover however, it was Ronald Reagan’s Sandra Day O’Connor who wrote the court’s decision against the Texas anti sodomy law legally opening the very door for same sex marriage triggering the state by state avalanche of demands for it. Whether the advice Reagan so often relied upon from his wife Nancy who regularly consulted fortune tellers accounts for his wickedness and treachery we cannot say, although it might be a reasonable explanation as it may for his arming terrorist Iran and then denying it.  Like most presidents, Reagan was a also a Freemason. His arch betrayal of his gullible pro life supporters and his judicial appointments however are the true legacy of Ronald Reagan and the true nature and character of the Republican party. They are as evil , as demonically manipulated, and as anti Judeo-Christian as their liberal Democrat opposition. In Justice Kennedy the damaging of America by Reagan continues.

Some say the TEA Party should go independent and conservatives and libertarians ought to withdraw from the Republican party and let the Republican Party drop dead. This is a secular issue I cannot and will not address as a Christian ministry as it is not our purpose nor is it legally advisable for a Christian organization concerned with the gospel, scriptural exposition, and Christian charity to impoverished and ill children in the Third World to do so.

What I can say however is what I have often stated:  as in The Books of Kings & Chronicles nations get the leaders they deserve. We are under the judgment of God. The wicked leaders and judges we have are themselves part of God’s judgment, although they themselves will in due time come under the swift and terrible judgment of a holy God. Democracy is disappearing as we are governed by judicial fascism and Presidential fiat without regard for the constitution. Freedom was abused as society turned to godlessness, so freedom is fading as godless politicians, crooked administrations, and corrupt courts determine the fate of nations while equally corrupt mass media and once noble but now depraved academic institutions pervert the fair presentation of factual reality. The nation runs on lies and the whims of the godless. Among the godless are the Republicans.  What however is to be expected when Roman Catholicism covers up the entrenched widespread pedophilia among its clergy at the expense of children, when liberal Protestantism is a spiritually abject and morally bankrupt joke, and when heretical tele evangelists have turned  Evangelicism into a racket? What is to be expected when the gospel has been abandoned in favor of Purpose Driven lies, inter faith ecumenism with the worship of other gods, and emergent post modernism? The conservative party  prime minister of the UK David Cameron has pushed same sex marriage with success because most Church of England bishops compromised with it in the House of Lords. Now popular, ostensibly Evangelical leaders such as Steve Chalke, Stephen Tollestrup, Tony Campolo, Rick Warren, and Brian McLaren compromise on or endorse same sex marriage.  Why then should professional liars such as politicians or unprincipled judges do otherwise?

There is a spiritual & theological dynamic that animates contemporary temporal polity: We have a reprobate government & judiciary abrogating the constitution primarily because we have an apostate church & clergy abrogating the Word of God.  

As Jesus warned – The salt has lost its taste.

I thank God for the coming day when Jesus returns and the government will be on His shoulder (Isaiah 9:6) with no more contemptible politicians and when the Supreme Court justices stand in judgment before The Supreme Being. Let us be mindful however that divine judgment will not begin with the hypocrites and liars in our courts, congresses, and parliaments or with the wicked demon inspired scoundrels of both parties who inhabit the White House. Divine judgment begins with the hypocrites and liars in our pulpits –  Judgment begins in the House of God.

Until then, the faithful church must not lose heart but battle on preaching the true gospel and contending earnestly for the faith – for His victory is indeed sure and His coming is drawing nearer.




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