What the Mahmoud Abbas Palestinian Authority Teaches its Children

This is an example of how all of those billions of dollars, pounds, and euros given in aid to the (so called) Palestinian cause are spent. How can anyone in their right mind ever think that there could ever be a negotiated peace with such Islamist barbarians who also hate Britain, America, Europe & Christianity?

Yet Barack Hussein Obama, David Cameron, the Saudi funded Clintons and Jimmy Carter, the Saudi linked Bush family, John Kerry, The Pope, Saudi owned & operated James Baker, Iran friendly Chuck Hagal  the UN with its 57 Islamic member nations, Vladimir Putin, the socialist EU, the apostate World Council of churches, CNN, the BBC, and Tony Blair all demand that in the interests of an imagined  “peace” that can only be a false peace – Israel make concessions to these radical Islamic extremists bent on Israel’s extermination who teach their children that Jews are pigs and monkeys. Some would conclude that the real pigs and monkeys appear to be those who s inhabit The White House, The State Department, The UN, The Kremlin, The Vatican, the mainstream Protestant denominations, the biased left wing media, and No. 10 Downing Street.  But fear not – the day is coming – and when it comes it is coming fast: Zechariah 12: 9 & 10.

Your Tax Dollars, Pounds & Euros at work:


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