The American Election

As in the books of Kings and Chronicles, nations get the leaders they deserve.

Reagan was a liar who promised naive and undiscerning Christians that he was pro-life, only to appoint Sandra Day O’Connor, a pro abortion judge to the Supreme Court. O’Connor wrote the court’s decisions ordering the Ten Commandments out the Alabama Judicial building and the Texas state anti -sodomy law legally opening the path to set in motion the drive for same sex marriage . This was a Reagan Republican. The same Reagan whose administration was surrounded by indicted purveyors of sleaze from Meese to Poindexter to Weinberger – all neo-conservatives. It was Reagan who armed terrorist Iran, lied about it, and plead senility. It is a travesty that he was never impeached and that Caspar Weinberger did not die in federal prison, but was instead given amnesty by George Bush Sr. with whom he served in the same corrupt Reagan White House.

Reagan was little more than a grade B Hollywood actor (with a Hollywood divorce and remarriage from the film industry where marriage is cheap and means nothing) hired by the Republican Party establishment to play the role of a conservative as he quadrupled deficit spending and took advice from his wife who took counsel from fortune tellers in the White House witchcraft of the Reagans.

Bush likewise expanded the deficits massively, which has weakened this country, and handed out express visas to Saudi Arabians after 9/11 while bullying Israel to leave Gaza, now a rocket base for Hamas to attack Israel with rockets and calling for a Palestinian Moslem State. Bush brought God’s judgment on America as per Genesis 12:3 (And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.) Then in order to honor the religion of 9/11 he placed a Koran in the White House, (a book that teaches “God had no Son”) and celebrated Ramadan in the White House (which is now celebrated yearly) with Condoleeza Rice. Like his father who was among the very first to coin the phrase “New World Order”. Bush is an evil man and a bad president who will leave office with no legacy and will be remembered by history as a failed president. Even Carter, the failed president of the Democrats has at least one feather in his cap to be historically remembered by due to the Camp David accords. George W. Bush, however, will not even have a cap much less a feather; most fitting as he deserves none.

Yet evil men like Bush and Reagan had the blessings of the “Evangelical Church “. Nixon likewise, who opened détente and expanded trade with Russia and China as they armed communist North Viet Nam to kill Americans, was forced from office by corruption. Nixon was supported by his anti-Semitic friend Billy Graham.

The Eisenhower Supreme Court of Earl Warren ordered God out of the classrooms. The Nixon Berger Supreme Court passed Roe V. Wade and ordered God out of the maternity wards. The Reagan Supreme Court ordered God out of the courtrooms. History proves that Republican politicians can be and are as much enemies of God as any Clinton, Carter, or Obama.

There is no question that Obama is a wicked, evil man from what Scripture teaches us. He is inexperienced and hence unqualified for any job in national government. In addition to these problems his actions show him to be a proven racist and a proven liar. Only a racist would donate $500 dollars per week to a racist church with a racist pastor who preaches against Israel, who has had the vicious Islamic racist Louis Farrakhan in the pulpit, and preaches “God damn Americas”. Obama overtly lied about campaign funding and public finance. He also raised over $1 million to support Odingo in Kenya who slaughtered countless Christian Kukuyu in Kenya and pressed to introduce Islamic sharia law. Like Saudi-owned Bush and Bechtel-owned Reagan, Obama supported militant Islam.

A Republican politician is everything a Democrat politician is plus a lying hypocrite on top of it. That is the only difference. Yet proven false prophets and scam artists like Pat Robertson who began his Christian Family channel on the donations of Christians and sold it to Rupert Murdoch pocketing the money, the late Jerry Falwell who embraced false Christ Sun Yung Moon, and ecumenical henchman Chuck Colson all turned the pulpit of Christ into a political platform for the Republican Party just as Jeremiah Wright did for the Democrats. What is the difference except Republicans feign Christian values and patriotism when they sell out America, Israel and the West to our enemies as fast as any Democrat? Now the Democrats copy the Republicans on faith issues to further fool naive Christians into voting for them. The heretical likes of the apostate Emergent Church guru Brian McLaren campaigned for pro-abortion Obama.

Which is worse: an out-and-out liberal or a hypocritical liar who pretends to be a conservative? This is the only actual electoral choice given Americans – between a Democrat politician and a Republican politician – the choice between a baby-aborting, pro-sex pervert panderer supporting Islamic aggression and an out-and-out liar who misrepresents himself with their words but who says and does the same things as a liberal with their actions. There is really no other difference between a Democratic nominee and a Republican one; the choice is between and out-and-out villain who admits what he or she believes and a liar who claims they do not believe the same things when in fact they do. The Democratic and Republican parties are two co-equally putrid barrels of garbage and whatever comes out of either can only by nature be a piece of stinking garbage. We have seen no exceptions in our nation’s leaders. Carter could not lead, Reagan could not think, and Bush could not talk. Now we have baby butchering Barak Obama, and as we shall see, all he can do is talk. One thing however is for absolutely certain; they could all lie. More tragic is that those who had ability such as Clinton and Nixon only used their ability for unspeakable evil. This too is an indictment of a sick American society, a nation to whom God endowed so much.

Both parties wanted to bail out banks and force tax payers in effect to pay the mortgages of the subprime borrowers who could not afford mortgages to begin with, in addition to paying their own mortgages. Obama’s tax plan did not mention that 30% of people set to benefit from it pay no taxes anyway. Obama in effect wants to write welfare checks and hand the middle class the bill for it in addition to paying their own taxes, thus strangling middle income upstart enterprises of the only kind that can rescue the economy. The Republicans likewise made a contract with America when they controlled the White House and congress and broke it, never doing as they promised the same as Reagan lied to Christian America about being pro-life only to appoint Sandra Day O’Connor. We are saddled with two barrels of garbage, and garbage is all that can be found in each barrel. The Democratic Party of today is not the Democratic party of its prime founder, Andrew Jackson, and neither is the Republican Party of today the Republican party of Abraham Lincoln, its prime founder. Indeed, America’s founding fathers never envisioned political parties along the lines they have come to exist and anyone who understands American history would grasp that ideologically the Constitution Party should replace the Republican Party as the conservative party and the Libertarian Party should replace the Democratic Party as the liberal party, but the powers-that-be and an ignorant and ungodly public will not easily do this. What we rather have today is two godless political machines operated by godless men with godless policies for what has become a godless nation. This is now indeed God’s judgment on our godlessness.

It was the Nixon/Ford administration who pursued detente, defaulted on the dollar in 1968, opened the door to China, imposed wage-price freezes pioneering heavy-handed interventionism, and invented federally funded affirmative action. It was Reagan who plunged the nation into hyper-deficitism and debt addiction while secretly arming Ayatollah Khomenei. It was Bush Sr. who was CIA Director during the Wilson affair when American intelligence and special forces armed and trained Qadaffi’s Libyans, and as president left Sadam Hussein in power in 1991 (bequeathing us the present mess) because his Saudi owners did not want the precedent of regime change, and then with James Baker literally handed Lebanon over to Syria on a silver platter. It is Bush Jr. who presided over the biggest transfer of wealth in history from the USA to the radical Moslem world to appease the oil interests and expanded Saudi investment, student visas, and political influence in the USA after September 11th and expanded deficit spending and government borrowing from China and the Moslems to a frightening magnitude. Whenever the establishment wants to move to the left, they get a Republican (who connives the public into thinking they are a conservative) to do it. History does not lie, politicians do little but lie.

Anyone who believes that Obama can really “change” anything has a penchant for the moronic. He has no executive background and is bringing in the usual cast of characters from the Clinton Administration, many of them associated with Fannie May. He will not be able to move as far to the left as he would like in foreign and defense policy (his chief of staff who will coordinate policy formulation and control access to the Oval Office is Rahm Emmanuel, a staunch supporter of Israel widely rumored to have Mossad connections and who is the son of a Jewish Israeli ultra right wing Jabotinskiist). Moreover the two most vital allies Britain and Israel will in all likelihood soon elect right wing governments. Above all, economic reality will determine what he can and cannot do politically, and one thing he cannot do is “change”. He can orchestrate changes in a social agenda, but not economically. While a weak and inexperienced pacifist president like Obama is exactly what a re-arming neo-Stalinist Russia and Al Qaeda want in the White House, neither he nor they can control the baggage that comes with him or the realities that await him. Obama is a charismatic politician – but that is all, a pretty box with nothing in it. Unlike Bush he is not a man of inferior intellectual ability or unlike Reagan he is not a half-senile babbling stooge. But like Bush and Reagan, too much of what he does will not be determined by him; the real decisions will be made by the real powers-that-be and be dictated by the realities. Fundamental political-economic change is no longer on the agenda, only new window dressing.

It is little wonder that only 69% of voters even bothered to vote at all for either candidate. For true Christians there is no choice. Some have suggested Christians should vote for a proverbial “lesser of two evils”, but “A lesser of two evils is an evil no less”!

I of course respected John McCain’s war record but not his record in the Senate. John McCain proved a weak candidate and an impotent campaigner. He could not even out-debate an inarticulate incompetent figure of low aptitude and no ability like George Bush in past primaries, let alone a slick deceiver like Obama. As one example, the Democrats in fact under Clinton launched subprime borrowing and Obama received more contributions than any other politician from Fannie May except his fellow Democrat Senator Dodd. It was McCain who tried to stop it but was prevented by a Democratic-controlled congress less popular than Bush, especially homosexual Barney Frank who was in a homosexual relationship with a senior Fannie May/ Freddie Mac kingpin. A weak inept McCain lacked the political skills to plant the bulk of the blame where it belongs. While I personally like Sarah Palin as she is a believer, as a candidate McCain was a useless loser from the onset. The Republicans defeated themselves. In 6 of his 8 years in office Bush had a congressional majority plus a high approval rating due to the patriotic factor after 9/11. But all Bush and the Republicans could do when they had carte blanche was sell us further down the river to our Saudi Arabian enemies on behalf of global energy interests and generally run the country, the budget, and the economy into the ground. This in total is the worthless Republican Party, no longer the party of Lincoln who feared God and who was concerned for the welfare of this country, but now only a mere nest of rats.

The show is over. Nations get the leaders they deserve. So do churches. When the church fails to be salt and light the society, its culture, economy, and its institutions of government decline morally and implode. Biblical evangelism has been replaced by an ecumenical whore, a purpose driven lie based on psychology and marketing not holy writ, a mammon worshipping televangelism, and a post-Christian and neo-pagan post-modern monstrosity called “Emergent”.

Obama is indeed God’s judgment on a backslidden nation with a backslidden church. So is Bush. We have wicked scum in the White House because we have wicked scum in the pulpit. The “Christian” leaders preach “prosperity now” on the TV and the first concern of the voters became our prosperity and then the cries of the unborn went unheard. The baby killing will now accelerate under the new administration as the coming judgment will accelerate. Just as God brought the judgment on Israel for giving their babies to the fire, so God will judge America for giving their children to the abortion mills. Woe to us! Euthanasia will be the next battle. The generation of Roe v. Wade will reap as they sowed and become the victims of economically motivated involuntary euthanasia. As they killed their babies by medical means, their babies will soon kill them by clinical means by consent of next of kin terminating geriatrics.

King Saul was an evil leader raised up by God in judgment on a wicked nation who rejected His Word. But God’s judgment fell on Saul. May it also fall on pro-baby butchering Obama. Judgment however begins in The House of God.

May The Lord have mercy on America and draw its church to repentance before it is too late!

But even if He doesn’t – Jesus Is Coming Soon, and the government will be on His shoulders. (Isaiah 9.6).

Jacob Prasch

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