What Others Are Saying About Robert A. Morey

Robert Morey is a marginalized figure generally ostracized from discernment circles by other discernment ministries due to the dishonest and unethical nature of his actions.

He has attacked other discernment ministries including those of Dave Hunt and Jacob Prasch & Moriel. He has been castigated for dishonesty and impropriety by those who have known him longest including the family of Dr. Walter Martin and Christian journalist Bill Alnor. He is discredited as an academic fraud by the seminary from where he claims his doctorate in Islam which they call a forgery. And he is charged as a swindler by his former distribution agent and as a slanderer by those who have left his church in disgust.

More recently he has been tossed out of his denomination – The Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals for unethical activity. Here is a series of websites containing some of what other Christians and Christian ministries of solid repute maintain concerning Robert Morey.

Here are the central website urls for exposing the malicious and fraudulent works of so-called “Christian scholar” Robert A. Morey of “Faith Defenders” operating out of California.
James Jacob Prasch






Larry Wessels
1 Peter 3:15

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