Response to Kevin Daly Regarding Stephen Sizer

Recently anti Zionist Anglican Stephen Sizer who has aligned himself with ‚  Iran against Israel appeared in his Anglican vestments costume on Iranian TV at their invitation to denounce Israel.

Iranian ‚  sponsorship of ‚  terror, arming of Shia militias that use Iranian weapons and munitions to kill British soldiers in Iraq and murder civilians did not prevent Sizer ‚  from appearing on Ahmadinejad”sTV.

Neither did the martyring ‚  of 60% of Irans Christian pastors or the law ‚  currently being demanded by this regime for mandatory execution of Moslem converts to Christ.

With his actions Sizer has shown that you can sponsor terror and murder, kill British soldiers, violate human rights unspeakably and murder Christians and still be his friend as long as are an enemy of ‚  Israel.

Sizer even shared a platform with an apologist for the Provisional Irish Republican Army, again to denounce Israel. The thousands of families, both Protestant ‚  and Catholic, bereaved ‚  by Provisional IRA terror ‚  didn’t seem to be a problem for Sizer doing a presentation with such a man.

More recently, after agreeing on TV to debate me on TV, Stephen Sizer has reneged and backed down. ‚   In the opinion of most people contacting us, he predictably ran scared.

But while Sizer will not debate as he publicly agreed to and is now publicly running away, he will snipe from the safe distance of cyberland and find ‚  stooges to fight the battles he is afraid to.

One of them is a figure unknown to me in South Africa named Kevin Daly. It appears that Daly’s actual peeve is ‚  his dislike of Dispensationalism, which usually indicates that like Sizer he is a proponent of the errors of ‚  Calvinistic Covenant Theology which has absolutely no basis in the Word of God whatsoever. ‚  I myself in reality am only a moderate Dispensationalist because unlike Covenant theology it has some biblical foundation, but such systematic theologies do not frame my approach to Scripture and ‚  never have. The prophetic place ‚  of Israel simply ‚  seems a battleground for ‚  Daly’s grander war ‚  against dispensational beliefs which among other tents hold to a biblical view of Israel and the Jews and not a replacementist one.

Daly, cited by Sizer, defines me as a Hebrew Roots teacher. In fact the Greek term ƒ ¬n Romans 11 is “reza” meaning “singular root” not “roots”, ‚  and we have a permanently posted article warning against the perversion of what the New Testament teaches about the Hebrew root which we consider to be satanically inspired. We also have three article warning of the excesses of the lunatic fringe of the Messianic Movement. To shoot at a ‚  straw ‚  man, however, they must represent him to be something he is not, at least not in the way or to the degree they attempt to assert.

In our recorded material on the Patriarchal narratives, on biblical genealogies, and in our exegesis of Roman chapters 9 to ‚  11, I make it clear that Abraham ‚  as the father of all who believe was ‚  a Gentile converted to Judaism by God and that the lineage of David from where the Messiah as Savior would come was begun by a union of a Jew and Gentile, Ruth and Boaz. It was always God’s plan that Israel’s election as a ‚  chosen nation was to be but the divine vehicle for bringing the Scriptures and Messiah to the world ‚  as the mechanism for salvation. ‚  Even our tape on Ruth mentions this. But Daly takes one tape on the typology of Ruth out of the context of our teaching on Ruth and in isolation ‚  from our overall body of teaching, and attempts to falsely ascribe to me the charge that the church was second choice and that my faith is Judeo-centric and humanistic.

In fact my faith is Christo-centric, but Jesus stated unambiguously that, “Salvation comes from the Jews” in John 4, and as Paul states, “To them belong the oracles of God”. It is his own Reformed theology that rather derives from the humanism of John Calvin. But it is certainly not my view. ‚   Our recording “Reductio Ad Absurdum” is a polemic against ‚  theological humanism. ‚   ‚  For Sizer to in effect say that my belief in these biblical truths ‚  concerning Israel means my love for Israel is greater than my love of Christ is too distorted and vicious a remark to warrant comment.

Kevin Daly has, among other things, appears to have an honesty problem in addition to a theological problem. In addition to these problems however, Stephen Sizer has yet a further ‚  problem, ‚  his cowardly and hypocritical retreat from the televised debate he agreed to.

Placing Israel aside for one moment, ‚  one question merits being asked given ‚  Sizer’s willingness to appear on Ahmadinejad’s radical ‚  Islamic terrorist Iranian TV to denounce ‚  both Israel and Christians supporting it, but ‚  backing down from an agreed debate on his actions on Christian TV.

What do the families of British troops killed ‚  by the weapons Sizer’s Iranian brethren supplied to Shia terrorists in Iraq ‚  make of Sizer’s actions in Iran?

What do the families of ‚  victims of terror in Northern Ireland think of Stephen Sizer’s actions with a ‚  confessed apologist for ‚  IRA ‚  violence as is fully documented and posted on the internet?

What do the families of ‚  Iranian Christians butchered alive ‚  for their faith in Christ think of Stephen Sizer ‚ ´s antics with the demonic regime that murdered them?

In Christ,
Jacob Prasch

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