Thanks to our Readers Regarding Revelation TV

Thanks to our readers regarding the Revelation TV desecration by Howard and Lesley Condor and Gordon Pettie and blessings to those who will no longer financially support Revelation TV due to it’s promotion of anti-scriptural apostate lunacy.

We thank our readers for the avalanche of supportive letters we have received supporting our disassociation from Revelation TV due to its propagation of ecumenism with Rome, Seventh Day Adventism, and the hype artistry money preaching of Jesse Duplantis.

The documented threat of Howard Condor to sue Brother John Shipton in utter rejection of the Word of God in 1 Corinthians 6 and the personal attacks on Jacob Prasch as divisive, unloving, and pharisaical say all that needs to be said. Jacob’s statement was kind and gracious, not hostile.

Howard Condor, Gordon Petrie, and Lesley Condor, an obviously scripturally ignorant woman whose lack of knowledge of scripture ‚   is eclipsed only by the personal arrogance she exhibited for similarly castigating Justin Peters for telling the truth about the money preachers refuse to even address the open apostasy of the heretics they broadcast but rather slander those who oppose this spiritual debauchery.

Pharisees taught as precepts of God the inventions of men. It is rather the unscriptural false doctrine broadcast by Revelation TV that are Pharisaical. Likewise it is those who depart from scriptural truth according to Romans 16:17, ‚   not those holding fast to it who are divisive. Howard and Lesley Condor and Gordon Petties however are plainly too devoid of biblical knowledge to know this.

The outlandish hypocrisy of those prepared to feed the Lord’s sheep to the wolves and allow the gospel message to be discredited to the lost and perishing denouncing those not joining in their betrayal of Christ and hypocrisy as lacking love is astonishing not only in its audacity but in its ludicrous idiocy.

We shall not sue or entertain their lunacy let alone the apostate heresy they promote. The Lord will indeed deal with Revelation TV. We do however commend those former viewers who will no longer financially support what has clearly become a work of Satan that makes a public mockery of the church, the gospel, and the Name of Jesus. ‚   From the Sanhedrin’s reaction to Jesus, to the pope’s response to Luther’s 95 Thesis, the ad homonym approach of dodging the issues by engaging in character assassination has always been the unmistakeable signature of spiritually abject religious hypocrites. Howard Condor and Gordon Pettie do not even address the maniacal false teaching of Jesse Duplantis raised by Brian Gemmel, Jacob Prasch, or Bob Mitchell. They simply avoid the actual issues and attack those not subscribing to this hideous and demonic fiasco.

Anyone wishing to observe the kind of ludicrous heresy (such as God did not know what the animals were when He created them) that Revelation TV is broadcasting and promoting can as a simple example click on this clip of Jesse Duplantis and determine for themselves exactly what Howard Condor, Lesley Condor and Gordon Pettie are.!

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