Another Comment about Revelation TV

Dear Brethren of the Body of Christ,

Something is just not right at Revelation TV. I am getting the impression that staff and volunteers at the station are being gagged, and are not being allowed to say anything to the public who ring in asking questions about programmes that are suspect and allowed on air. A script is being read out – and that’s it! What Christian viewers are picking up is that everything is being glossed over, and only letters and e-mails supporting the TV station are being read out, giving the impression that Revelation has a wider audience and support than it actually has. The cracks are being covered up with whitewash! The Management Team and the Board of Directors have made their decision and will not change direction whatever.,   It is becoming apparent who pays the piper plays the tune; for them to say, during the recent “Building the Foundation” programme, that “Revelation TV is owned by you – the viewers” is a lie, and just not true.

What Jacob, Bob, and Brian have already said is correct. RTV has become a law unto themselves. What John Shipton said about them is also correct – they are mired in DEFIANCE, DISOBEDIENCE, SELF DENIAL, and SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS.

I believe, too, that ‚   these four important words are prophetic, and if RTV does not alter its course, like a ship with its captain and crew turning a blind eye to the rocks which lie ahead reflected and revealed by the beam of light from the lighthouse, will end up grounded on the jagged rocks and will break up and sink. And no-one will think later about the end of RTV and what might have been! ‚   As it has already been pointed out, RTV’s advertising slogan “Church without Walls” ‚   has lost its meaning, and is only being said to attract finance from viewers. The reality is that it is run a by a few people, a clique, as someone has said, and are answerable to no-one but themselves with regard to decision making and the direction which the station is taking. A TV station owned by viewers was never on the cards, ‚   and it remains that way today; hence the many e-mails disregarded and not replied to. RTV has joined the ranks of other so-called “Christian” TV channels which exploit gullible and vulnerable people, and which are run by a select few.

It is so sad that all this has happened in the past few weeks. My Pastor saw this coming some time ago, over the Justin Peters affair. For Lesley Conder to do what she did, and to broadcast it live, was appalling. Now, later on, what Howard said live on air about Jacob is equally appalling. This very sad state of affairs has revealed what lies underneath when they are Biblically challenged and won’t accept correction. Their true nature is revealed! With so many brethren withdrawing their support from Revelation which now includes myself, I think the Management Team are saying under their breaths “Good riddance” as we will have others replacing them in the future.

The foundation has crumbled because it was not built on solid rock, but rather, on shifting sand.

Yours in Him who is coming soon,

Adam Roberts

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