Israel Bible Study Tour with Jacob Prasch 2012

Bible study tours to Israel and other biblical lands with Jacob Prasch emphasize spiritual, theological, and doctrinal content. Unlike most tours, we avoid becoming pilgrimages, devotional tours, or vacation packages. We visit places of biblical importance and proven archaeological and historical veracity, steering clear of tourist traps and unsubstantiated “holy” sites.

Value for money has always been a priority as we operate tours as a ministry first and not as a business enterprise.

We try to keep the prices lower while still maintaining a high quality of accommodations. This is vital for the comfort of travelers after long and exhaustive days of sight-seeing that includes evening bible studies on top of that. These study tours were never cheap, but no other tour we are aware of does as much at the same standard for a lower price.

However, the current OPEC oil prices have pushed jet fares up to unreasonable levels and ground prices set by the government ministry of tourism have gone unreasonably high due to the weak dollar (in which prices are set) and the even more precarious state of the Euro.

We are not prepared to ask people to foot a tour cost of over ‚ £2,000 per person during a global economic downturn when many people and families, including many Christians, are struggling financially. Neither are we prepared to downgrade the content and caliber of our tours. For these reasons we have very sadly terminated our plans for a 2012 tour of Israel. We simply believe it has become too costly for too many people and we do not wish to do less and study the scriptures on site less than we normally do. If the situation improves we may reconsider a tour for Spring of 2013. We sincerely regret having to have made such a decision.

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