Anti-Semitic Bias of Dagens Nyheter

Man with the dog: I don't think one should build walls between people. The Jew: Damn anti-Semite!!

As a Christian, I was shocked and disgusted by the character of a Jew in that cartoon of Dagens Nyheter. This exactly resembles the anti Semitic propaganda published by the Nazis in the nineteen thirties and forties.

I know your country collaborated with the Nazis in allowing them to use Sweden invade your neighbor Norway, but I also know that Swedes like Raul Wallenberg protected Jews from Nazis.

The anti Israel bias in this newspaper is well known. It was not the Israelis who shot hundreds of children dead in the back after taking them hostage in a school and it was not Israelis who are in the process of murdering another 1.2 million Black Christians in Sudan in addition to the 2;2 million already slaughtered. It was rather the Moslems. Why don’t your Swedish papers stereotype Moslems in this way? The hypocrites wouldn’t dare.

How can you allow this to go on? The cartoonist and editor should be fired and the newspaper fined.


Rev. JJ Prasch

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