Moriel Decries The Decision By Judge Higgins

Statement From Moriel USA

(This statement was prepared by Moriel USA with no reference to Moriel Australia and is expressed by a non Australian citizen outside of the jurisdiction of the Victoria courts).

Moriel decries the decision by Judge Higgins in the villification case against Moslems as an infringement on free speech and religious expression.

It is left-wing legislation depriving the rights of Christians in Australia just as Moslems deprive Christians of their rights in Islamic countries. If the judge applied the same standards to the teachings of Islam urging such things as the murder of Jews and smiting infidels (non-Moslems) on their necks, why should the Victoria Islamic Council be brought up on the same charges? It is a fact that Islam’s own literature, the Hadith, makes it clear Mohammed married Ayisha, the daughter of Abu Bakir, when she was 6 years of age and took her virginity at the age of 9. In modern Australia, and in civilized societies, this would be called paedophilia.

It is a fact that Islam teaches in its literature that “the last day will not come until a tree says to a Moslem ‘there is a Jew behind me – kill him'”.

To expect Christians refusing to deny what is published as doctrine in Islamic literature as consequently guilty of vilification is ridiculous.

To call Christian fear of Islam in light of the 2.3 million Christians murdered in Sudan, 53,000 murdered in Nigeria, 200,000 Christians murdered in East Timor, and 55,000 murdered in The Phillipines a matter of “vilification” is likewise ridiculous.

The world has witnessed 200 Australians coming home from Bali in body bags, the present Islamic genocide of Christians in the Moluccan Islands, the persecution of Christians and church burnings in the Horn of Africa, September 11th, the Islamic shooting of dozens of little children in the back in Beslan, the Madrid train bombing, the Moscow theatre takeover, the Bradford riots in the UK, the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv bus bombings, Lockerbie, and thousands of Moslems rioting in the streets of London demanding the murder of a British citizen for writing a book. We have seen 1,000 honor killing of women in Jordan alone annually and 1,000 British women (many underage) forced into arranged marriages annually, and the Saudi Arabian beheading of homosexuls and hanging of Christians. We have seen Moslem gangs running through the streets of Monrovia, Liberia with machetes butchering Christians alive.

To call an opinion of Islam as an intolerant religion of Islam engendered as a result of this list of undeniable fracts as “vilification” is likewise ridiculous. When not a single Islamic country will accord Christians and Jews the rights and freedom Moslems are given in Australia, the opinions expressed by the defendant is not unreasonable.

What is unreasonable is the outragous verdict issued by Judge Higgins who on behalf of Islam has delivered a defeat for democracy and a victory for Islamic intolerance of free speech. If Judge Higgins and the Islamic Council of Victoria do not believe in democratic freedom and free speech, we suggest they relocate to Saudi Arabia, Iran or to some other such Islamic country where they won’t have any.

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