David and Gary Wilkerson To Visit Melbourne

David Wilkerson caused a big controversy in UK by associating with Churches and leaders who were into stuff that he had previously criticised in his excellent The Reproach of the Solemn Assembly, in which he had denounced the faith-prosperity and Toronto-associated practices and teachings that have caused so much trouble within the Church. To make matters worse he said some incredibly silly things on that tour in a message regarding our intimacy with Christ. Based on John 4:32 and associated statements, David Wilkerson claimed that the woman of Samaria “fed” Christ and that this was the “meat” that Jesus referred to in this verse. Contextually and biblically that claim is sheer nonsense.

Christian Witness Ministries and our sister fellowship Moriel distanced ourselves from this while retaining contact with and appreciation of David Wilkerson in his and his church’s general approach to things. Additional to this David Wilkerson made what we considered to be a big blunder in his exegesis of Ezekiel 47 in which he totally ignored the relevance to Israel and her future and expounded some fanciful idea about an end time “Christian” revival, which is not promised by Scripture.

We have canvassed these matters publicly. A statement by Christian Witness Ministries appears on our website. I think that generally Jacob Prasch of Moriel would agree with what I have written above and with our website statement. I have copied him in with the hope that he will respond in some way to you. He is currently in Australia and scheduled to arrive in Sydney for meetings today and next week in Melbourne.

If David Wilkerson were to come to Brisbane we would support his coming, notwithstanding any concerns we might have about the mixed message that he will probably send due to the “bed-fellows” that he chooses. What I said below “the bigger strange” should read “bigger stage”. I was referring to what Christian Witness Ministries could offer as opposed to others whose favour David Wilkerson has courted in respect of his visit to Australia. As you probably know we at Christian Witness Ministries are not the flavour of the month (or any month) with mainstream Christendom in our country. By arranging his tour through us, which was being considered some time ago, he would undoubtedly limit his audience. I can understand his motive even if I disagree with it at least in degree.

Sincerely and with much appreciation in CHRIST,

Philip L. POWELL

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