Four Current Movements Within The Church

1. The Word-Faith Movement

2. Kingdom Now/Dominion Theology (50 years old)

  • Latter Rain
  • Manifest Sons of God
  • Identity
  • Restoration
  • Reconstruction
  • Positive Confession

3. The Toronto Blessing/Pensacola Outpouring/Brownsville (AOG)

  • Also known as Holy Laughter,
  • Toronto Craze
  • Toronto Vineyard
  • TACF – Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship
  • Brownsville Assembly of God – A/G

4. Promisekeepers

  • Often referred to as a source of recruitment
    for “Joel’s Army”

Key Leaders, Apostles, & Prophets

“As with so many Doctrinal Issues, these
teachers, apostles and prophets appear toaffirm the Historic, Biblical,
Orthodox position while at the same time compromise or even deny it.”

Word of Faith

  • E. W. Kenyon (Father of the Word/Faith Movement)
  • Kenneth (Dad) Hagin (Rheme Bible Institute
  • Kenneth & Gloria Copeland (Voice of Victory
    Magazine & Ministries)
  • Paul & Jan Crouch (Trinity Broadcasting
    Network (TBN) Presidents)
  • Kim Clement (Paul & Jan Crouch’s Personal
  • Stephen Strang (Charisma Magazine President)
  • Jill Austin
  • “Brother John” Avanzini
  • Markus Bishop
  • Reinhard Bonnke
  • Rodney Howard Browne
  • Juanity Bynum
  • Charles Capps
  • Morris Cerullo
  • Mark Chironna
  • Paul Yonggi Cho
  • Creflo & Taffy Dollar
  • Jesse Duplantis
  • Colin Dye
  • Christian Harfouche
  • Marilyn Hickey
  • Benny Hinn
  • David Hogan
  • T. D. Jakes
  • T. B. JoshuaLarry Lea
  • Roberts Liardon (“God’s Generals”)
  • Joyce Meyer
  • Myles Munroe
  • T. L. Osborn
  • Rod Parsley
  • Derek Prince
  • Frederick K. C. Price
  • Oral & Evelyn Roberts (Oral Roberts University
    (ORU) Founder)
  • Richard & Lindsey Roberts (Hour of Healing
    Television Profram)
  • Jerry Savelle
  • Ed Silvoso
  • R. W. Shambach
  • Tommy Tenney (“The God Chasers”)
  • Dwight Thompson
  • Robert Tilton
  • Casey Treat
  • Apostle Charles Tucker

Kingdom Now/Dominion Theology

  • Franklin HallWilliam Branham
  • Oral Roberts
  • Earl Paulk
  • Gary North
  • Nicky Gumber (The Alpha Project)
  • Royal Cronquist
  • James McKeever
  • PatRobertson
  • Larry Lea
  • David Chilton

Latter Rain/Manifest Sons of God

  • William Branham
  • Mike Bickle (I.H.O.P.)
  • Paul Cain
  • Bill Hamon
  • Rick Joyner
  • Cindy Jacobs (Prophetess to the Nations)
  • George Otis (Transformations Video)
  • Gwen Shaw (Endtime Handmaidens)
  • C. Peter Wagner (Global Harvest Ministries)
  • John Wimber (Vineyard Founder)
  • George Warnock

Toronto Blessing (Toronto Airport Vineyard)

  • John Arnott (Pastor)
  • Randy Clark
  • Guy Chevreau
  • Wes & Stacy Campbell
  • Rodney Howard Browne (The Holy Ghost Bartender)
  • Marc Dupont
  • William DeArtega
  • Larry Randolf
  • Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda

Pensacola Outpouring/Brownsville A/G

  • James Kilpatrick (Pastor)
  • Steven Hill (Evangelist)
  • Michael Brown (Theologian) No longer at Brownsville
  • David Hogan

Kansas City Prophets (Metro Vineyard)

  • Mike Bickle
  • Paul Cain
  • Jack Deere
  • Fancis Frangipane (River of Life)
  • Ted Haggard
  • John Paul Jackson
  • Bob Jones
  • Rick Joyner
  • Dutch Sheets

PromiseKeepers (PK)

  • Bill McCartney (Founder)
  • Randy Phillips (PK President_
  • James Ryle (Pastor to both McCartney & Phillips)
  • Jack Hayford (TBN Paul Crouch’s Pastor)
  • T. D. Jakes (PK Conference Speaker)
  • Robert Hicks (Wrote the “MasculineJourney
    for PK)

Those deceased who still have incredible
impace on the lives and decisions of those listed above

  • A. A. Allen
  • William Branham
  • Jack Coe
  • Kathryn Kuhlman
  • Aimee Semple McPherson
  • John Osteen
  • Charles Fox Parham
  • William Seymour – Azusa Street
  • Lester Sumerall
  • Smith Wigglesworth
  • John Wimber
  • Marle Woodworth-Etter

Teachings, Quotes & Facts

REMEMBER, “Virtually every
Single theological heresy always begins with a misconception of who
GOD is” (His nature & His Attributes – Communicable and

Word-Faith Movement

  • God operates by spiritual law and is obligated
    to obey the “FAITH FILLED” words. “Faith is
    a force and words are the containers of that force.”
  • The demotion of God and the deification of
    man – “The biggest failure in the whole Bible is God.” (Kenneth
  • “You are as much an incarnation of God
    as Jesus Christ was. You are a little god.” (Benny Hinn)
  • “God could not intervene since He had
    made Adam the god of the earth. God was left on the outside looking
    in.” (Kenneth Copeland)
  • Atonement Atrocities – On the
    cross, Jesus took upon Himself the nature of Satan.

    • Jesus died spiritually on the cross.
    • Jesus descended into hell as a mere
      mortal man and endured three days and nights of unimaginable
      abuse at the hands of Satan and his hordes of demons in hell.
    • Jesus did not pay for your redemption
      on the Cross of Calvary, He had to go to hell and be born-again.
    • Jesus defeated the devil by becoming
      the first born-again man.
  • Health and Wealth in this life
    now IF you have the “right kind of faith.”

    • Jesus had a nice, big house; wore designer
      clothes and handled big money.
    • “The myth of the “poor
      ” needs to be destroyed because it is holding
      people back.

Kingdon Now/Dominion Theology

  • The basic premise of “KINGDOM THEOLOGY” is
    that man lost “DOMINION” over the earth when Adam
    and Eve succumbed to Satan’s temptation in the Garden of Eden. God “LOST
    ” of the earth to Satan at that time, and has since
    been looking for a “COVENANT PEOPLE” who will be
    the earth and take “DOMINION” back from Satan. This
    is to be accomplished through certain “OVERCOMERS” who,
    by yielding themselves to the authority of God’s “APOSTLES
    ” for the “KINGDOM AGE,” will
    take control of the kingdoms of this world. These kingdoms are defined
    as all social, political, economic and military institutions as we
    know today.
  • These “OVERCOMERS” have
    the power to believe for and speak into existence things that are
    not, and thus bring about the “KINGDOM AGE” before
    Jesus Christ can return to planet earth.
  • There is no “Rapture” in Kingdom
    Theology, so there is no “Second Coming of Jesus” until “THE
    ” has been established by the Church under the direction
  • Some of these “OVERCOMERS” will
    have become “IMMORTAL” having already attained what
    is called “RESURRECTION LIFE.”
  • “WILLIAM BRANHAM” was perhaps the “GREATEST
    ” in Kingdom Theology and “WORD-FAITH” Theology.
    He was a proponent of “IMPARTATION,” imparting
    or passing on the Holy Spirit to people through the “LAYING
    .” Branham denied the Biblical, Orthodox view
    of the Trinity attributing it to the devil. Instead, he taught
    a form of Modalism: That God is only one person who “MANIFESTED” himself
    as three different attributes: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • “Jesus Christ was a perfect manifestation
    of God the Father.” (Earl Paulk)
  • One manner in which the “APOSTLES
    ” will receive these “NEW REVELATIONS” will
    be through communication with heavenly beings (angels and departed
    saints), as well as with God and specifically Jesus. It’s expected
    that many of these “NEW REVELATIONS” will be authenticated
    through demonstrations of power in the working of “MIRACLES,
  • Emphasis on “DIVINE HEALTH,” WEALTH,” and
  • Man is a “god” and, as such,
    must exercise his or her “godhood” through “DOMINION.”

Latter Rain/Manifest Sons of God

    of perfection or sinlessness)
  • RESTORATION” of the offices
    of “APOSTLES AND PROPHETS,” who are not to be questioned
    in any way.
  • Absolute Authoritarianism – It is imperative
    that the people do not judge teachers, regardless of doctrine.
    Attainment of “godhood.”
  • Sonship comes through “HIGHER REVELATION
  • Extreme fear and guilt for those who do not
    move forward to perfection in order that the Kingdom of God be established.

The Toronto Blessing

  • The attraction is the manifestations. Many
    are claiming that the manifestations are the signs and wonders accompanying
    a “latter day” dousing of the Holy Spirit. The manifestations
    include : falling down, uncontrolled shaking, hysterical laughter,
    an assortment of antics from breast-stroking on the floor to lying
    with both legs pointed upwards, tai-chi like motions, pretending
    to be flying and animal noises of remarkable variety from barking
    like a dog to roaring like a lion to oinking like a pig. Since 1994,
    church leaders from all over the world have visited the Toronto Airport
    Vineyard to “catch the craze” and bring it back to their
    congregations. We can now add to the list of sounds and manifestations:
    orgasmic groanings

    and mock births (in reference to delivery of “The Manchild.”

  • Gnosticism – The perenniel heresy
    that occurs in all ages of the Church. It basically believes that
    experience (signs, wonders, miracles and

    manifestations overcome and nullify the Scriptures. It includes the belief
    that men can become gods.

  • John Arnott – “So when you come
    to Him tonight asking to be filled with the Holy Spirit, I don’t
    want you to even entertain the thought that you might get a counterfeit.” “And
    so I say to people, “Look, don’t pray “don’t take control,
    you can take control later.” “The whole deal is that you
    lose control and then He takes control.”
  • Rodney Howard Browne – “I’d rather
    be in a church where the devil and the flesh are manifesting than
    in a church where nothing is happening because people are too afraid
    to manifest anything”¦and if the devil manifests, don’t worry
    about that either. Rejoice, because at least somethingis happening.” Howard
    Browne is the initiator of the “Holy Laughter Movement” and
    refers to himself as the “Holy Ghost Bartender.”
  • The main fruit that this movement can point
    to is enthusiasm, excitement, or exuberance.
  • According to Toronto Prophet Marc Dupont,
    another pastor grabbed an imaginary ball of power out of thin air
    and pitched it at the doubter and hit him in the stomach which knocked
    him over and “intoxicated” him in the Spirit.”
  • There are those in the “Toronto Movement” that
    believe they are able to transmit the Holy Spirit into other people
    as they choose. They think that the Holy Spirit is a power that they
    can “pump, scoop, blow and press into others.
  • Joel’s Place” – A reference
    to the Kingdom Now teaching that an army of god-men, called “Joel’s
    ” will take dominion over the earth.
  • Vineyard Pastor James Ryle from Promisekeepers,
    John Arnott and Wes Campbell from the Toronto Blessing, and Kansas
    City Prophets Bob Jones and Rick Joyner. ALL report “visions” of
    a “Bloody Civil War” in the church between the “Blues
    and the Grays.”

    • The “Blues” stand for “Revelation Knowledge”
    • The “Grays” stand for “Revelation of
      God’s Word” only

Brownsville/Pensacola Outpouring

  • The Brownsville/Pensacola Outpouring’s claim
    to fame is people falling, shaking and going berserk.
  • John Kilpatrick (Pastor) “Let me tell
    you something about this revival,” “This move of God is
    not about preaching.”
  • Steven Hill (Evangelist) “In these latter
    days, preaching and simply teaching the Word is no longer sufficient;
    the Spirit has to get involved through signs and wonders due to much
    sin that abounds.”
  • Michael Brown (Resident Theologian) To his
    critics – “Are you totally and absolutely sure that you are
    right in attacking the current revival? Are you willing to wager
    your salvation on the fact that you are correct?”


Bill McCartney’s pastor and mentor, the infamous
James Ryle, is on the Board of Directors of Promisekeepers. Ryle is
a loose cannon who has prophesied such outrageous things as a “Civil
War” between Christians over the latest “Holy Laughter/Toronto
Craze and that the Beatle’s, yes the rock band, were annointed to bring
forth a world wide revival. Need I say more”¦ Read all the articles
from various authors on the subject from all the different Discernment
Ministries at the end of this outline.

I would like to conclude by saying
that I and a host of others (those who have done the real in-depth
studying and have been involved in these movements themselves) know
that these movements are extremely dangerous theologically and is restoring
the ancient heresy and practices of GNOCTICISM, not true historical,
biblical Christianity. This is paving the way for the widespread acceptance
of false doctrine and the false signs, wonders and miracles which will
be a trademark not only for the current apostasy ecumenical counterfeit
revival but also of the Antichrist during the coming 7 year Tribulation.


Eutychiansim – A heretical
teaching in that it states that Christ’s two natures were so thoroughly
combined, in a sense scrambled together, that the result was that Christ
was not really truly able to relate to us as humans. The problem is
that this implies that Jesus was not truly GOD nor man. Therefore,
He would be unable to act as mediator and unable to truly ATONE for
sins (Read Hebrews, Chapters 7 – 10)

Hypostatic Union – A biblical
teaching which refers to the union of the two natures (Divine and Human)
in the Person of Jesus Christ. Jesus is GOD in human flesh. He is fully
GOD and fully Man, thus, He has two natures: God and Man. He is not
half GOD and half Man. He is 100% GOD and 100% Man. He never lost His
Divinity. He continued to exist as GOD when He became a Man and added
human nature to Himself. Therefore, there is a “union in One Person
of a full human nature and a full Divine nature.

Divinity means the quality
of being GOD. Jesus was always GOD. After Jesus died on the Cross,
He did not lose His Divinity and suffer in hell at the hands of Satan
and his hordes for 3 days and 3 nights. This “Word-Faith” doctrine
is absolutely false!

Third Wave “Buzz Words & Terminology”

“Apostles and Prophets”

“Apostolic Movement”

“Bloody Civil War”

“Breaking down strongholds in your city”

“Critical Spirit”

“Corporate Annointing”

“Corporate Church”


“Elijah Company”

“Fault Finding Spirit”

“Five Fold Ministry”

“Fourth Dimension Faith”

“Gate Keepers”

“General Assembly”

“Generational Spirits”

“Glory Cloud”

“Harp and Bowl”

“Identificational Repentance”

“International Houses of Prayer” (IHOP)

“Jezebel Spirit”

“Joel’s Army”

“Jump in the River”

“Kingdom Principles”

“Latter Rain”

“Liquid Fire”

“Lighthouse Movement”

“Manchild Company”

“Manifestation of the Sons of God”

“Manifest Sons of God”

“New Apostolic Reformation”

“New Breed”

“New Order”

“Old Order”



“Prayer Walking”

“Prophetic Acts”

“Receive your Miracle”

“Religious Spirit”

“Remitting the sins of nations”

“Revelation Knowledge”

“River of Revival”

“Signs, Wonders and Miracles”

“Saul Spirit”

“Spirit Man”

“Spiritual Mapping”

“Spiritual Warfare”

“Strategic Level Intercession”

“Strategic Level Prophetic Intercession”

“Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare”

“Strategic Spiritual Warfare”

“Tearing Down Strongholds”

“Territorial Spirits”

“The Annointing”

“Third Day Annointing”

“Third Wave”

“Third Wave of the Holy Spirit”


“Warfare Prayer” Sandy Simpson Mike Oppenheimer Various Authors

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