Acceptance of Debate of Robert Morey

Having been publicly caught in one lie that I do not believe in providence, when page 74/75 plainly states I certainly do, Robert Morey now resorts to another lie. He never challenged me to debate “soul sleep” (which my tapes in the public domain for 3 years prove I not only do not believe and never have, but have opposed). His email proves that he in fact challenged me to debate “annihilationism”, which my tapes also prove I have never believed but have opposed. Now he has changed his story again. It is easy to challenge someone to debate something they do not believe because it is impossible for the debate to happen!

Even if it did, a mere transcript of my Thanatology tapes would prove prima faci it is not my view. ‚  Why does Morey not challenge me to debate something actual such as “Is Robert Morey Really Competent in Hebrew” ?

(The statements by The Ivy League Professors in response to him are in part 1 of my rebuttal).

Having tapes in the public domain proving I do not hold to soul sleep precludes my debating in favor of something I do not believe in, and Morey knows this fact.

While I cannot logically debate in favor of something I am publicly proven not to believe in, I can however accept a challenge to debate something I do believe in that is contested by Morey. I am willing to accept a challenge to debate from the Hebrew text of Ecclesiastes if Morey really wants to debate. Set up the debate at a neutral venue, get me a ticket, and contact Biola or Talbot and get two qualified Hebrew lecturers as independent linguistic moderators, and I will gladly accept.

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