Question About the Millennial Reign

A Reader Asks:

“In the Millenium, there will be a Temple and at the Temple sacrifices will be made to atone for sin. Why is this? Surely Yeshua has atoned once and for all for sin? Can you pleased explain the significance of this?”

Pastor from Wales UK

Jacob Responds:

Such millenial sin offerings will be like those in the Old Testament.

In the Epistle to the Hebrews we read that the blood of those animals cannot take away sin; they were only the shadows or types in the Levitical system to teach about what the Messiah would do. Likewise in the Millennium the sacrifices will be an object lesson to teach what the Messiah did do.

People in “The 1,000 Year Reign” will not have the same concepts of sin or its ugliness because Satan will be bound and the world will be gone. The earth will exist in a pre-Adamic state as it was before the sin of Adam and Eve. There will be no temptation, etc. because of no tempter until the end when those people born duing that time will likewise need to make a choice for Christ as we did. The sacrifices will be a way to each about Jesus and His atonement through types. They will function in the future for the same reasons they did in the past.

I trust this clarifies matters.

In Christ,
Jacob Prasch & Moriel

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