The Result – the Judgment – Babylon is Fallen

Dec 10, 2010
Mike Oppenheimer

The DVD now goes to the radio station at Everest View Hotel where they have a conversation with Ana (excerpts).

“Anita, it is Silvia, we are listening, we are all here, Rony too, can you hear me?”

Ana responds “I can hear you.”

Ana (translated to English from Spanish): “We are here and we are weeping because of the manifestations of God, they are marvelous, glory to God. Since this morning we have been filled with the Holy Spirit. We saw a form of an eagle over Everest ““ there was such a strong presence of God.

We prayed against the Babylon the great there was an extraordinary anointing ““ the way was so difficult, and we had, we had a terrible avalanche, it seemed as if half the mountain was collapsing (Doris Wagner is seen walking into the room with a cane. They are dressed in long sleeves and jackets inside the radio room at the Everest hotel.)

“We were covered in darkness and when we prophesying the heavens opened (Doris gestures in victory) it was so marvelous you cannot imagine what we are experiencing here, the glory of God is so strong.” “She is fallen, the great Babylon has fallen.” ‚   ( How many times had Babylon fallen in the course of their hike.)

We see a man speaking on microphone “Lord Bless Ana, bless Viril, Michael and Lynchill, protect them from evil, every attack of the enemy”¦ great is our victory, The great prostitute is fallen – beast is has fallen, we proclaim in the name of Jesus Christ by means pf shortwave on this radio that Jesus Christ is lord and that he reigns as lord and we give him the glory forever amen.” (The Bible speaks of Babylon is fallen, but not like this, not in 1997).

(Here we have the names of those who climbed but there were 5 in the DVD and now only 4 are mentioned, whose the fifth person we see on the DVD)

Ana in Wagner’s memorandum states: “That same evening God spoke a clear and strong order: “Go out from this mountain tomorrow before 11:00 AM because I am going to destroy everything. The next day we dismantled the camp in a great hurry, and left Base Camp at 10:30. When the last of our 36 beasts of burden [yaks] had come out, not one, but all three mountain slopes which surrounded Base CampEverest, Loh-La, and Nuptse–simultaneously collapsed in the greatest avalanche ever seen in Everest. Base Camp was totally buried under the snow and the enormous falling clouds of ice. The climbing season was closed, and the only flag waving on the top of the world was the one planted by the king of Kings and Lord of Lords.” [CNN News carried the story, but obviously had no video footage to show. Ana, however, has a video of the avalanche. Several climbing teams were in Base Camp. We have received word that Koreans were killed, but have not yet heard of the Italians, French, Spanish and others.] ( from: Drafted 10-15-97 Revised 11-1-97 International Spiritual Warfare Network C. Peter Wagner, Coordinator) underline mine

On the DVD after declaring judgment, “Then the Lord commanded us to end our climb he told us to go back down the mountain and to abandon the base camp before 11 am the next morning because the mountain will be cast down at the commandment of God. We had a great sense of victory while at the same time a great sense of destruction like that of Sodom and Gommorah.”

On the DVD the screen the date Sept.23,1997. The Narrator says “she is fallen she is fallen and her enemies are scattered” ““ it shows them singing as they hike down the mountain (we see no 36 yaks). We then hear a rumbling and the camera zooms in to the top of the mountain. They then show a quick video of an avalanche from a different camera, from a birds eye view on a smoother slanted area of a mountain, that appears to be a different avalanche than the one on Everest that they filmed from a distance on a steep mountain. There is no footage of an avalanche of all three mountains. Narrator: “look at that avalanche it is enormous. We are seeing the manifestation of God.”

Ana crying says, “we are witnessing the destruction of everything”¦ Its total destruction, the Lord commanded us to leave the area this morning, he said to us “˜my people get out of this place, my people,’ we are only about 15 minutes away from that avalanche (seems a lot further in the distance). “The entire base camp was buried, but the Lord spared the lives of other climbers engaged in other expeditions.”

On a Everest hiking website we read – “After you pass the Khumbu Ice Fall you will get oxygen from Camp 1. Camp 1 is at 19,600 ft. A climbing team will rest to acclimatize.”

After hiking her team hiked higher than the first camp, which is at 19,600 ft. the oxygen level is at 46%. The higher in the air you are the more time is needed to acclimatize or symptoms like vomiting, fatigue, dizziness occur. You must go slow so your body can get used to the lower oxygen levels as well as for your safety.

According to the details of her story the declaration and intercession were against the Queen of heaven which was at 20,000 ft. the day before (Sept. 22, 1997). How did they get back to the base camp so quickly from the height of camp 1 where they hiked to the day before? They would have to have had to hike back down the Khumbu icefalls in the dark to reach base camp with enough time to break down their camp and put it all on 36 yaks by 10:30. It takes 6 hours in the daylight to climb up through the Khumbu Ice Falls, and they went off the path scaling a high cliff according to the DVD (this would be at least12 hours of hiking). This is further complicated by not spending time (days) to acclimate to the higher altitude. Yet here they are back at the base camp early ‚  the next ‚  morning descending the mountain.

No experienced mountain climber of Everest have heard of such an avalanche on this day; nor seen a video of it.

The whole mountain came down at once – Really? Lohtse is south of Mt. Everest at 27,920 and Nuptse at 25,850 is a high peak on the mountain’s west ridge further away. These peaks do not surround the base camp they are over a mile apart. All three mountain slopes fell at once; the avalanche reached the base camp destroying everything. Really? Indeed, this would be the greatest avalanche on Everest.

She wrote:simultaneously collapsed in the greatest avalanche ever seen in Everest.” Too bad no one seen it! There is no record of such an incredible avalanche taking place on Everest by those who climb there ( we have looked). How many others that survived wrote of this avalanche that is described as greatest avalanche ever seen in Everest? We found none.

This event is further complicated by giving themselves only a half an hour to leave and hike down from the base camp to avoid this avalanche, and she says on the video as they show the avalanche we are 15 minutes away (odd; this shows you the accuracy of their story). When we compare their own statements they have internal conflicts.

Strangely, here is a News article from the same year in May: “The biggest avalanche in Everest history just missed my feet.”

Brian explains: “There were the worst monsoon conditions on record. We were coming down the mountain and at 22,000ft an avalanche came down at 200 miles an hour. “¦ The biggest known avalanche in Everest history just missed my feet, and when I got to base camp the delayed shock was so extreme that my legs wouldn’t operate” (Brian Blessed Sunday, 4 May 1997).

Here is a video of a recent avalanche that came close to base camp:

Ana describes a far bigger avalanche than this one. This one is reported, but her avalanche isn’t mentioned anywhere? This was to happen in reality not in the spirit realm. ‚  We found nothing that CNN had on a Avalanche or their hike in 1997.

CNN report:
If CNN did a small segment on Everest, it was not about Mendez or an avalanche.

Ana said Koreans were killed. Were they? There was a avalanche on September 9, 1997 (Everest North Face base camp) weeks before her being at base camp. On September 9 a member of a Korean climbing expedition on the north side of Everest was swept to his death in an avalanche at 22,000 feet, it did not bury him at the base camp (which is at approx.17,400 ft). It was not on Sept.23 and it certainly wasn’t the largest.
Read this report

Was climbing season cancelled! Actually the Season to climb Everest is springtime, between March and the end of May, not September. Few attempt climbing in September because the weather makes it more dangerous. From June through September the mountain is in the grip of the Indian monsoon, (with winds nearing 175 mph plus). Even during the pre- and post monsoon climbing seasons, strong winds may arise suddenly and the weather is quickly affected.

Also, more importantly we are told that in the off season the ropes and ladders which are essential to climb crucial areas that are placed there by the climbers are removed. Mendez would have had to lay her own ropes and ladders to climb.

Ana claims, “the only flag waving on the top of the world was the one planted by the king of Kings and Lord of Lords.” (Wagner’s Memorandum) This insinuates Jesus planted a flag for himself at the top of Everest mountain. How does she know it was there if she was 2 miles away below on the mountain? Statements are made that do not make any sense.

I’m sure in their minds they climbed Everest and actually destroyed Satan and his kingdom but for those who actually climb this mountain they did not climb it; for those who know the Bible in truth they did not destroy Satan, nor has his kingdom has fallen.

Peter Wagner writes of their prayer participation, “A significant prophecy came from one of the home-based intercessors praying for Operation Ice Castle. Before hearing any reports, she said that in prayer God had showed her that the teams in Nepal were up against a dragon [confirmed], that their prayer assault was sending arrows into the dragon which were causing mortal wounds, that the dragon knew exactly what was happening to it, but that the dragon did not have strength to do anything about it. I cannot help but wondering if the weakened state of the dragon (the Queen of Heaven? Satan himself?) might be due to the massive and aggressive praying for the 10/40 Window throughout this decade.” ‚ underline mine.

I wonder of how people can actually believe these kinds of a stories; seriously “¦ The Bible describes Satan as the one sending arrows (fiery darts), not our prayers (was Satan sending arrows to destroy himself?) This whole flawed spiritual battle system is an exercise in their own imagination. Maybe from absorbing too many sci-fi movies, or an overactive imagination. This is not how real prayer to God works. A true believers prayer is to God and he waits in faith for God to answer; the how and when are by God. But they teach their spirit warfare has immediate results in the spirit realm which affects the natural. Or in their case the natural prophetic acts affect the spiritual.

The Results

On Ferrell’s website, Ambassadors ministry, we read “The most difficult assault that she and her team undertook was the climbing of Mount Everest in 1997″”which resulted in major spiritual breakthroughs in the 10/40 window.”

Wagner writes of these results: Ana points to some world events which occurred within two weeks after the prophetic act at the throne of the Queen of Heaven which she senses have some connection: (1) The nation of Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation in the world, caught on fire and began to burn on that very day; (2) An earthquake destroyed the Basilica of Assisi in Italy, the place where the Pope had called a meeting for the unity of all world religions; (3) Hurricane Paulina destroyed the infamous temple of “Baal-Christ” in Acapulco, Mexico; (4) Princess Diana of England died, representing the crown of England, to whom Mt. Everest was consecrated by Sir Edmund Hillary; and (5) Mother Theresa, one of the most visible advocates of exalting Mary as co-redemptrix and mediatrix, died in India.”

One can claim results on anything they want from an imaginary spirit battle, but to say their prophetic acts on a mountain affected peoples lives in this manner is hardly reasonable, accurate or Biblically sound. The facts are, Mother Theresa died over weeks BEFORE “Operation Ice Castle” on September 5, 1997 at 87 years old. How can this be a result of their climb? Princess Diana died weeks BEFORE Operation Ice Castle (August 31, 1997), in a car accident in Paris, how could this tragedy have been affected by their climb? The rest are moot points since none of this relates to her claims of God destroying false religions. To believe her story of an assault on the Queen of heaven who lives on Mt. Everest we have to enter a place of imagination, a place outside of time and space that some may identify as a spiritual twilight zone.

Was Satan living on Everest?

Rev. 2:13 “Antipas was My faithful martyr, who was killed among you, where Satan dwells.” Does Satan dwell on Everest mountain in Nepal? Does this mean Satan had a throne and lived where this Scripture happened? Remember both Ana and Peter Wagner says God told them about the Queen of heaven and Mt. Everest.

As far as “˜Babylon’ being judged, the apostle John already told us when and how this would happen: when – in the Tribulation. How – not by spirit warfare prayer on a mountain. The Bible speaks about Babylon in the Tribulation, an angel comes down from heaven, “¦And he cried mightily with a loud voice, saying, “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and has become the habitation of demons, and a hold of every unclean spirit” who’s sins have reached even unto heaven” and that judgment on her was already pronounced”¦ in one day shall her plagues come, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire” [Revelation 18:2].

Instead of it being cleansed as Ana claims, becoming like Mt. Zion for the word of God to go out. Instead it becomes the habitation of demons. Her claimed result is the very opposite of the Bible because of their inability interpret the Bible correctly. The Bible speaks of the whore of Babylon being judged in a future sense not a in a present sense, it takes place in the Tribulation, not in the past -1997 (see Rev. 17:16). But in their “world of warfare”, it does not matter. Ask yourself, were the false religions of the world destroyed; were any of them destroyed. NO! So she and others hiked this mountain because she says God told her to do battle against something that goes against his own written word, so of course the results yielded nothing.

It is only after Armegeddon, when Jesus physically returns to reign that Satan is to be bound in the Millennium (not destroyed). Rev. 20:1-2: “Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, having the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. He laid hold of the dragon, that serpent of old, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years.” No Christian participating in spirit warfare is able to do this.

Prophesying, declaring, ‚   “Satan be destroyed, your kingdom has fallen; the Beast and Satan have fallen, Babylon has fallen.” ‚   So why do they still do spirit warfare to battle Satan when they found his throne and destroyed it. And if he is destroyed then he no longer is a threat.

Is not “the beast, the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against Christ when he comes? ‚   (Rev. 19:19) ‚  According To Chavez and Mendez: NO, they have defeated him.

Remember they claim God sent her/them and told them this. They started wrong and they end up even more wrong. Has the Bible changed? Is there a new ending we are not aware of? Because what they are claiming certainly would change it if it were true.

Our Conclusion

This is the kind of stories we get from those in the spiritual warfare camp, they are besides themselves. Some might still be asking, how can we be sure they are wrong. From the beginning of this story to its end the details and facts are questionable. The video is out of order, with other still pictures and video inserted. But if these facts already presented were not sufficient; we have saved the most important details for last.

Ana says, “We were supposed to pay the Nepalese Tourist Office $70,000 for permission to climb Everest – money which we did not have. When we prayed, God asked us ‘are you prepared to go to jail?’ We were. In the palace, I spoke with the minister: ‘Long live the Lord my God, in whose presence I stand. This is the cheque, but it is not covered. I am telling you this to prove that I believe in the God who sent me here. It is the legal document proving that I am prepared to go to jail for your nation. What will you do for your nation? Nobody can stop me. God’s will for Nepal is that you sign a trade agreement with Korea in three months. God wants to prevent a bloodbath in Kathmandu in 5 months. My Lord Jesus Christ says to you: ‘The fire is under the ice’. The man went pale, and said ‘It is impossible for you to know those words! We just had a cabinet meeting, because a revolution is being planned in Nepal, with the codeword ‘The fire is under the ice.’ I believe you!’ He gave the cheque back and let us go without paying.” (DAWN Fridayfax 2002 #27 Special issue: The Ana Mendez Story)

This particular story is not mentioned at all on the DVD. They knew they needed to pay for the permit. To be prepared to hike one needs to buy an enormous amount of equipment, along with plane fare; it is expensive. If you are spending money for all the equipment for this many people, certainly you consider the permit price with it. Who travels halfway around the world knowing you don’t have the money required? The permit is the first thing you secure so you know that you are going to climb. It is also the largest purchase you will make for the climb. On the DVD She says, “we left for Nepal with less than 50% of the funding we would need, believing God will provide for all things.” Ana has said previously, “for six years, the money in my purse never ran out”, except this time it was not there for her important mission that God instructed.

To claim you paid nothing to the Napalese government is hardly credible, since they ask for the permits to be paid in advance. You don’t get there and say here’s my money let me climb. Those who have been there for years, who lead expeditions, explain one has to pay in advanced to even have a spot for a date to climb.

I have wondered how one speaks the codeword ‘The fire is under the ice’ and get a free pass. Would this not raise suspicions if she divulged information like this?

I would think the Mendez 1997 expedition would be very significant to be included in hiking books on Everest considering all that happened. However, in the book, Everest: the Mountaineering History“ on p. 560 states, “there was no significant expedition in 1997 ““ just the usual plethora of commercial expeditions.”

When it comes to false prophets and their stories nothing is as it seems. On her website, “The Making of a Prophet” by Ana Mendez Ferrell DVD “Ana Mendez Ferrell explains the challenges God placed in front of her to bring a newly trained team to climb to the top of Mt. Everest to tear down the powers of hell.” Underline mine (accessed Nov .2010)

But she didn’t go to the top (however, Ronny Chaves and Eduardo Villalobos are claiming they went to the summit). It was difficult to locate a record of those who have tried to climb Everest and not reached the summit. It is easier to find the names of those who have summitted (none of her team is listed.) So our research included writing letters to those mentioned on the web. Christian Research Service wrote to: Miss Elizabeth Hawley, The Himalayan Database on November 8, 2010, asking if there any record of the following people climbing or attempting to climb Mt. Everest during September 1997 :
Ana Mendez de Luca de Tena; Torcuato Luca de Tena; Rony Chavez; Silvia Valenzuela; Doris Wagner.

Within a few days a succinct reply was received: according to The Himalayan Database she did not climb the mountain.

Yet we are told this incredible story. Ana’s story of being allowed to climb without paying the permit is not what happened according to the Elizabeth Hawley the historian for Himalayan Database in Nepal. Yet they were so impressed with Ana’s extraordinary spirit mission that she was included in their book written in 2007.

The Himalaya by the Numbers A Statistical Analysis of Mountaineering in the Nepal Himalaya Richard Salisbury Elizabeth Hawley .

September The Hallelujah Summit? From The Seasonal Stories of Elizabeth Hawley ““ Autumn 1997

A planned climb that did not actually happen was an attempt on Everest from the Nepalese side by three Mexicans and a Costa Rican under the leadership of Mrs. Ana Mendez from Mexico City. Their expedition was called Summit for Peace ““ Everest 1997, and their intention was to pray at the highest point on earth for peace in the world and against poverty. As Mrs. Mendez explained, “The top of the world is a symbol of the world. By standing on the top of the world, I intercede with God for the world.” She said that 50 million people around the world from a large number of Christian organizations would pray with her team as they held a brief ceremony on the summit. She acknowledged that none of the four climbing members including herself had known much about climbing one year before, so they had done some “intensive training” in Mexico and Peru.

However Mrs. Mendez never received a permit from the Nepalese authorities to set foot on Everest, and her party never moved above base camp. She claimed her Kathmandu trekking agent robbed her; the agent said she never produced the funds for the permit and instead made a concerted effort to convince officials that disasters would strike Nepal if they could not pray at the summit, and they should not be charged any fee for their vital services to the country; the tourism ministry said no permit was issued because only part of the $50,000 royalty fee was offered by a representative of the team (not the agent).

So Mrs. Mendez’s group fascinated others at base camp by their unprecedented activities. One Spanish leader reported that they explained their goal was to take the devil away from the summit of Everest so that God could come to Nepal and the Hindu and Buddhist people of Nepal could be evangelized. They wrote with an ice axe on seracs near base camp “Jesus Lives,” and they made an altar in the ice at which they prayed every day. Even before they reached base camp, they were praying, he said: it took them six hours to travel the final normal one hour’s walk into camp because they frequently fell on their knees in prayer. They found a big hole on the way to camp, and they said this was the gateway to Hell; they prayed to God to close it. (He did not.) When they didn’t receive their climbing permit, they declared that they realized base camp was just as good a site as the summit for their purposes.

(Analysis of Climbing Activity p.39 Richard Salisbury Elizabeth Hawley September 1997] 162 pages with charts and tables. Published by the authors in e-Book format. Available for download gratis at

Elizabeth Hawley has been a respected journalist and historian for the Himalayan database for many years. The contrasts of the story are revealing and according to Ana’s DVD, she got it right. Base camp is the beginning of ones climb up Everest mountain. Mendez did not have permission to climb past the base camp (corroborated by others who were on the mountain). Then everything she said of her adventure, battling the queen, the avalanche are questionable. The actual facts are contradictory.

Her whole story of climbing through the Khumbu ice falls without a sherpa guide ““ only God and angels to confront the Queen of Heaven all makes good theater. Wagner’s

quixotic spirit warfare appeals to certain people have a propensity to interpret life with their imagination. The video is piecemealed together and very hard to follow. Because they are appealing to people who accept whatever they say, they ignore to include important details that would normally accompany such grandiose claims. They fashioned a spiritual scenario with their own imagination filling in the details. They bring God into the story and everyone immediately considers the supernatural as the acceptable answer. With God anything can be possible but not with those who are not telling the truth.

The video has one think they are watching children act out a play drama, a Spiritual satire; it is reminiscent of children playing army. To think adults who are supposed to be spiritual leaders act in this manner shows us the fruit of their beliefs. What they do can only be described as bizarre, eerie, and even spooky at times, which shows a utter lack of understanding of God’s word.

Ana and her team by their own Spiritual criteria FAILED in a number of ways; the false religions still thrive, everywhere. It did nothing to affect the world’s spiritual condition, in fact it has all become worse. Ana and the others did absolutely NOTHING against Satan by teaching the church this false model of spirit warfare. This is like junk science, if this spirit warfare movement were a flavor it would be tutti- frutti.

God’s instructions that she heard was to go to the top, she even advertises her book as going to the top – but according to those who monitor what happens on Everest she did not leave base camp area. Instead of her going to the top she ends up with the story of going another 2,400 ft. The details she gave about the “greatest” avalanche God caused is a prevarication.. No one was killed that day because there was no avalanche recorded.

Furthermore, “In September 1997, Mendez led an initially secret prayer expedition to Mount Everest (the Ana Mendez Story” By Ana Mendez). But in the DVD of Everest she claims approximately “50 million intercessors joined their lives together in prayer to liberate 4 billion individuals prisoners of Satan,’ How this was possible when it was kept a secret?

At the end of the DVD she says, “God listened from heaven and millions are giving themselves to Christ” We are winning the war, lets go and take the spoils.”

Really? As if they were a cause of millions of people’s salvation from their climb. The only spoils going on here is their ruining of real evangelism which does irreparable harm with their eerie and even bizarre supernatural spirit warfare methods.

She claims on the DVD that climbing Everest was “one of the most important exploits the Holy Spirit sent the church to do.” This story has gone around the world since 1997 promoted by the new apostles and prophets as a grand event. They use her trip to promote their dominionism and new spirit warfare methods to the church ““ claiming “the Devil and his kingdom are being defeated.”

The real avalanche are the fabrications which are all coming down on them. Besides the Spiritual implication of departing from God’s word replaced by their own imaginary way to battle, this story dishonors those brave men and women who have actually attempt to climb Everest, those who have summated and those who have died trying.

These apostles have taught an imaginary warfare to the church worldwide, where’s the accountability for someone calling them-self an apostle? Does this not indict Peter Wagner’s New Apostolic Movement with their backing, endorsement and participation in this. Nothing can be accepted at face value from these prophets and apostles. As far as we are concerned another chapter on spirit storytellers closes. I leave it up to you to decide; do your homework to see if what they said is true: according to the bible and actual facts to prevent any deception.

read real climbers adventures of what it is like to climb Everest

Videos on what it takes to climb Everest

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