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I had always promised before the Lord Jesus two things concerning Christian TV. The first is that I would never “Ride in Ahab’s Chariot”; that is I would not appear on the same channel, network, or station that broadcast heretical money preachers. I would not want Moriel to be misunderstood as endorsing such deceivers who have prostituted God’s Word or allow us to be identified with them in the eyes of the secular public.  They discredit the Gospel of Salvation to the world, twisting the truth into a financial con game.  

It was therefore on this basis when Revelation TV began broadcasting American hype artist and money preacher Jesse Duplantis that I withdrew from the network, along with several of my colleagues including Bob Mitchell, Brian Gemmel, and Paul Wilkinson. Sadly, others knowing it was wrong, compromised with what they privately admitted to be wickedness but unfortunately public notoriety appeared to be more important to them than Christian integrity and not bringing public dishonor to the name of Jesus Christ and disrepute to the message of His salvation.

The price for my stance was to be daily brandished as a ‘Pharisee’ for refusing to sell out to evil as they had done by Howard and Leslie Condor who like Jan and Paul, Jim and Tammy Bakker, and Wendy and Rory Alec pursue their Ahab and Jezebel imitation seducing the people of God in an escapade obviously motivated by money. Let them try to sue me. On the basis of the recorded evidence I will win in any court to say nothing of the court of public and Christian opinion, they will hurt their offerings, and as this is an American based and domain located website so they will need to litigate in the USA where I am anyway protected by the U.S. First Amendment.

The second thing I promised was that I would not be doing fund raising ventures and hyped up ‘Praise- a -thons in order to constantly raise money to remain on the air. Where God guides, He indeed provides. The only times Moriel has ever engaged in fund raising appeals is to provide help in some kind of terrible disaster such as the Haiti earthquake or Japanese tsunami.

With the advent of ROKU and other new technologies however, it is fast becoming possible to have not only internet TV but internet TV that works like satellite TV or cable from one’s TV not only one’s computer. Moreover in North America and more advanced Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan, it is becoming both easier and cheaper to circumvent both analog and satellite based digital broadcasting with newer technologies. While these advances are well underway in the USA and elsewhere where ventures such as “HIS CHANNEL” are providing a more doctrinally solid alternative to the hype artistry and conniving of popular Christian TV, a church in Brisbane, Australia has already launched an alternative Christian TV.

ROKU however is not the only medium as Google TV is well advanced in its growing popularity. Multi media is becoming an affordable reality where the false prophets and false teachers, who have until now dominated Christian TV and turned it into a scam damaging to the witness and testimony of the church replacing the gospel with compromise, anointing with hype, preaching with motivational speaking, doctrine with psychology and worship with entertainment, are losing their monopoly.

The aforementioned Ahab and Jezebel ministries can now be challenged by Elijah ministries. We are on the precipice of not needing to purchase very costly air time or satellite time.

Until now, the availability of such alternative TV required the purchase of ancillary box mechanisms. This will no longer be the case as new televisions are being made with the box technology built into them. Already prolific in the USA and Canada and areas of Asia, this technology is arriving in Britain and Europe and the Middle East and before long will be global, even extending into the Third World and to Islamic and communist countries restricting gospel broadcasting. The potential is obvious. It will be just like switching onto any network or cable TV. Not least of all, if such a venture is properly based in the right source countries OFCOM and other regulatory agencies unfriendly to conservative Christian positions can be legally circumvented, at least for the time being.

To this end, Moriel is now in a position to seek the Lord for His will and purpose as the promised criteria of not begging for money all the time and compromising with heretics and money preaching religious charlatans as appear on the GodTV (better called “God-less”) channel, Revelation TV, and TBN. Paul and Jan Crouch can have their sex scandals and Benny Hinns, Wendy and Rory Alec can have their Todd Bentleys, and Howard and Leslie Condor can have their Jesse Duplantis just as Ahab and Jezebel had their priests of Baal. By God’s grace our goal will be to lift up the true Jesus, proclaim the true Gospel, and expound true doctrine. Donations and subscriptions will be welcome to fund operating costs but we will not continually push fund raising gimmicks or feature any money preachers.

If the Lord is in this, there will be regular open Questions & Answers with Jacob Prasch and guests as well as much exposition of God’s Word with no shortage of emphasis on prophecy, evangelism, Israel, and discernment related issues. We also hope to invite and host other preachers from outside of Moriel who share our convictions.

Our aim is to preach the return of Jesus while we are still able to do so and be an alternative to the mess that Satan has made of most of Christian TV.

To this end first and foremost, we seriously request prayer. Such a project will require money but we will trust God and the generosity of His people and not run such a ministry as an enterprise. We do however request prayer for adequate finances and an on-line contribution and subscription will be implemented.

Your prayers and support will be much required and very much appreciated.

In Jesus,

Jacob Prasch & All at Moriel


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