Brother Aeron Morgan Now With Jesus

Although we rejoice at his homecoming, for his family and ourselves it was with sadness that we learned Brother Aeron Morgan, former General Superintendent of The Assemblies of God in both the UK and Australia and former principal of Southern Cross (formerly Commonwealth) Bible college. He had been struggling with an illness for some months.

Aeron was a traditional Pentecostal preacher who had a background in academic theology bringing a scholarly perspective to the theological training of future Pentecostal ministers. His approach to God’s Word stood in contrast to the hype artistry so often devoid of spiritual and doctrinal substance that defined a lesser caliber of preachers than what he represented as a solid and Holy Spirit directed expositor of God’s Word.

Aeron came from the same Welsh Pentecostal church heritage and tradition as Headly Palmer, Clifford Reese, and David Powell – a generation of scripturally based Pentecostals holding to classical Pentecostal pre-millennialism and shunning the departure from these doctrinal positions by the following generation of so called Pentecostal preachers who apostatized into diverse unscriptural doctrines and practices alien to original Pentecostalism even though they hijacked the name of the earlier movements and the properties bequeathed by them.

The UK Assemblies of God reached its numerical peak under Aeron’s leadership with explosive attendance figures at its conferences, only to diminish rapidly and degenerate into a state of numerical, theological, and spiritual decline after him. To borrow an Americanism, he was truly “The Last of The Mohicans”.

We  respect his devotion to standing for the truth by reference to the Word of God, and leaving aside any personal opinion and feelings. He remained gracious to the very end, devoted to one aim: that God may be glorified in all things.

Having faithfully served Jesus Aeron’s future will be a bright one both co reigning with Christ during the Millennium and into eternity. During the present period of temporary separation however we remember his bereaved family in our prayers – bearing in mind that the separation is indeed but temporary. We look forward to being reunited with Aeron again in Christ, as we surely shall.

In the meanwhile however, as the generation of Welsh Pentecostals from which Aeron came use to announce on Sunday from the pulpit when they notified the congregation of the departure of a brother or sister:


James Jacob Prasch

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