Rebuttal of Robert Morey

As our three-year-old audio and video series on Thanatology heard and viewed by thousands again proves, Jacob Prasch warns against soul sleep. Robert Morey has not told the truth, and even when confronted by the evidence in the public domain refuses to retract. We cannot find a euphemism for lying. This is in addition to his other demonstrable false assertion that Jacob Prasch denies “providence” when the very book he misquotes from plainly states that he does. Morey supposedly quotes scholars, but names none of them nor their institutions or credentials (except for an unidentified “Jacobsons”; which Jacobsons? What is his/her title? Where does he/she/they lecture? Where did he/she/they study? This is not how academic sourcing is done. It appears invented.

We have, however, contacted scholarly sources regarding Morey’s supposedly scholarly handling of Hebrew and Greek and challenges to the Hebrew and Greek of Jacob Prasch as published in our previous edition and on our website. None of the Ivy League academics we contacted was given Morey’s supposedly scholarly disputations. They were simply asked to comment on Jacob’s treatment of the Greek and Hebrew contested by Morey.

We contacted one of the leading Greek scholars in the world, Professor Athanasius Chliaris Ph.D ( Princeton University). Professor Chliaris is a senior professor of archaeology (requiring an in-depth literary knowledge of all dialects of ancient Greek) at the leading faculty of Greek antiquities in the world, at the National University in Athens. Although a Greek national, Dr. Chliaris is Ivy League educated and is probably the ranking expert in Greek antiquities in the USA where he also teaches as a visiting Professor.

We asked Professor Chliaris to comment on Jacob’s reference to the Greek term which Morey challenged as “modern” and not biblical or ancient.

We then contacted Dr. Siam Bhayro, also with an Ivy League background -formerly of the Faculty of Semitic Languages at Yale University, presently at the Department of Hebrew & Jewish Studies, University College London. Dr. Bhayro is almost certainly the leading Evangelical expert in comparative ancient Semitic linguistics and is a distinguished Hebrew scholar. We asked Dr. Bhayro to comment on Jacob’s interpretation of “chance” in Ecclesiastes. Both are published scholars. There comments are recorded below.

Professor Chliaris writes:

To: Jacob Prasch
Re: memo on “koimonai” 

To Whom It May Concern,

As an academic in Greek antiquities and language, I can confirm that Jacob Prasch is correct in pointing out that the term “koimomai” used multiple times in The Greek New Testament as a metaphor for the death of a Christian is a word meaning ‘sleep’ in the sense of ‘unconscious repose’, and contains the root of the clinical term used in medical science for “comatose”. This is without variation true in both Koinea and classic Attic Greek and is not a modern invention.

As a professor in Archaeology in Athens University, Greece and in WSU, Pullman, WA who has worked closely with Jacob on site in Greece in the fields of biblical history, archaeology and theology, I can attest first hand to Jacob’s academic professionalism and impressive competence as a biblical expositor.

Athanassios Chliaras

Dr. Bhayro writes:

I know Jacob Prasch as a fluent Hebrew speaker. His wife Pavia, although a math teacher, has degrees in biblical Hebrew and in Jewish history from a leading Israeli University.

I can confirm that Jacob’s position regarding the Qal and pe-el verb forms of the ‘paga’ shoresh as explained by him are precisely correct and I fail to see on what logical grounds this can be contested linguistically. Dr. Siam Bhayro Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies University College London ( UK)

There are also serious questions surrounding Morey’s claims to be an Islamic scholar.

Dr. Rahmatullah Khan Ph.D. (Al Azhar University, Cairo – the oldest and most renowned Sunni University in the world) is an Islamic scholar who became a born again Christian and is one of the Evangelical world’s foremost apologists on Islam. He now secretly lives in the West training missionaries. Dr. Khan states that any scholarly expertise in Islamic theology requires literacy in classical Arabic and Farsi and a fluency in modern Arabic.

No one believes Morey’s claim to have read all 7,000 plus volumes on Islam in the U.S. Library of Congress.

The seminary in Pakistan from where Morey claims his doctorate says the degree is a fake and that Morey is a liar and a thief. We invite interested parties to link to their statements on our web site.

A scholarly review of Morey’s claims and ramblings appears to strongly suggest that he is something of the charlatan and fraud the Pakistani academics accuse him of being.

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