Taking Your Kids Out Of Public School Is Not Enough!

by Paul Proctor

One of the real hot topics among evangelicals today is the James Dobson led movement calling for Christians to remove their children from the government’s humanist school system.

Cal Thomas echoed the call himself in a recent op-ed piece entitled “Unintelligent Designs on the schools”

Thomas: “Religious parents should exercise the opportunity that has always been theirs. They should remove their children from state schools with their instruction manuals for turning them into secular liberals, and place them in private schools – or home school them – where they will be taught the truth, according to their parents’ beliefs.”

But Cal added something else in the same paragraph that I believe confuses the issue, leaving the children of concerned Christians in at least as much, if not more, spiritual peril than they are in the secular public school system. He went on to say:

Thomas: “Too many parents who would never send their children to a church on Sunday that taught doctrines they believed to be wrong, have had no problem placing them in state schools five days a week where they are taught conflicting doctrines and ideas.”

First of all, parents should not be “sending” their children to any church. They should be TAKING their children to the church where they themselves are active members. Because children pay more attention to what their parents do than what they say, merely sending their offspring would only be instructing them on how to be lazy religious hypocrites – something they are sure to pass on to their children, as well.

Secondly, taking your kids out of the public school system is not enough; it’s time to take them out of corrupt churches as well, with their Willow Creepy, Purpose Driven, Your Best Lie Now “instruction manuals” that turn them into spiritual liberals with “conflicting doctrines and ideas.”

Many today are simply turning themselves and their kids over to the capricious care of “Manchurian Christians” who teach and encourage them to follow their feelings, follow the crowd and emulate the very culture Jesus Christ came to deliver us from – in the name of Jesus, of course. They have been so thoroughly indoctrinated into the new spirituality of Results and Relationships that they no longer know or really even care what “doctrines and ideas” are being taught at their church today or what activities their kids participate in, as long as everybody is having fun, making friends and occasionally hears that sugary, deceptive and egocentric clich ƒ ©: “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.”

That’s like saying: “Love God? – Check here – Thanks for coming – Have a great time!”

That is NOT the Gospel of Jesus Christ; nor does it even resemble the teaching of the Apostles from the Early Church; and if it hasn’t yet occurred to anyone reading this yet, those kinds of self-serving slogans that get thrown around these days like holy writ from a generic god, will play in almost any Church, Mosque, Temple or Coven in the world today and are totally incapable of saving, much less edifying, anyone!

Just add food, drink, fun, music, games and a few high-strung friends with I-pods and goofy grins to help raise money for this cause and “raise awareness” for that cause; and with a little peer pressure and adrenaline, you’ve got the perfect formula for a One World Religion of dumbed-down, doctrine-free do-gooders that say and do everything that everyone else around them says and does under the titillating tutelage of a dialectically-trained facilitator promoting global groupthink for a New Age “Jesus” and an emerging religion brought to you by the United Nations.

Just this morning I read an eye-opening piece online in Relevant Magazine, written by a stunned young woman who recently had the scales of deception fall from her eyes, allowing her to see for the first time, the counterfeit Christianity that is uniting the church with the world and all of its religions today; a “universalism” she called it, where she witnessed, much to her shock and dismay, her “Idol” and “Christian brother,” Bono lead his adoring audience in a hypnotic mantra, chanted in unison at a concert she attended that went like this:

“Jesus, Jew, Mohammed – all true. Jesus, Jew, Mohammed – all true…”

This former fan and follower of Brother Bono and his acclaimed band said: “I suddenly wanted to crawl out of my skin.”

This is the same lead singer that wails every Sunday morning from the big screens and sound systems of so many of our megachurches today; the same Bono that awes and inspires other Christian rockers around the world to curse and spew their profanities and vulgarities at will, regardless of the occasion or who might be present, dismissing the “dogmatic” doctrines of God’s Word; those unyielding and intolerant commands from the Ancient of Days that keep us from indulging the endless appetites, ambitions and licentious liberties our flesh and emotions crave; that inhibit our self-esteem, impede our self-expression and drive the gathered masses into frenzy and forwardness for the sake of “luv-luv-luv;” because, as they see it, grace is really, more than anything else, a license to please yourself, find yourself, free yourself and follow your heart’s desire wherever it may lead – all in the name of Christ, you see; the same Bono who recently appeared on the cover of Time Magazine, as did Pastor Rick Warren, promoting, believe it or not, many of the same “Kingdom Now” causes.

Just whose “kingdom” do you think they’re preparing their followers for – “a kingdom not of this world?” No, I assure you, it is a kingdom ALL ABOUT this world and little else; the world Jesus Christ specifically instructed us to separate ourselves from and not love; a kingdom whose religion is and always has been “the mystery of iniquity” spoken of in 2nd Thessalonians 2:7-12.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone in the church really cares that they’re all steering us in the same direction with the same corrupt globalist value system and agenda. This is not a Spirit-driven movement – this is a media-driven madness led by those who will do anything in their power, even so far as to exploit the poverty and suffering of others around the world, to distract you and me from the Word and Will of God. Worst of all, they have no problem using the precious name of Jesus Christ, or anyone else currently worshiped or idolized to accomplish their devilish dream.

A dear lady emailed me yesterday, as have so many in similar situations over the years, seeking answers to the precarious predicament she has found herself in.

She wrote the following:

“Help, I am in a church affiliated with Willowcreek. I have always been anti-Willowcreek and since have been labeled critical. I feel Willowcreek is the He-Goat of today. The Baal of the times. I have only been saved since 97. I feel God put me in this church and has not given me permission to leave. Therefore life is hard. Hardly anyone will listen to me. Do you have any suggestions? Have you wrote anything recently that I may view? Any help would be appreciated.”

Citing scriptures on not being “unequally yoked” and the Biblical call to separate ourselves from disobedient brethren and heretical teaching, I responded to her with: “Who or what made you think God has not given you permission to leave? Would God not give Lot permission to leave Sodom & Gomorrah? Would God not give the Israelites permission to leave Egypt with Moses? You are not only permitted to leave, you are commanded to leave such people.”

No, my friends – taking your kids out of public school is just not enough anymore. They need to be taken out of today’s re-invented church, as well; especially if the leadership there acts or sounds anything like Bono. Sure, your kids won’t like it and neither will many of your friends and theirs at church; but just whom and what are you following by staying – God and His Word or a consensus-led, feel-good fellowship of groupthink and global values?

The fact is, at first it won’t be easy for any of you; but like those who have left the public school system for home schooling; in the end, you and your family will all be much better off spiritually; benefiting immensely from the singing of theologically rich hymns and spiritual songs; teaching one another and learning the whole counsel of God as He intended; praising and worshipping the Lord in Spirit and in Truth together as a real family in fervent prayer and supplication; a Holy and reverent gathering without all the brotherly bribes, reprobate rogues, Jungian junk and dialectic distractions.

You can even gather at the homes of other families in and around your area that are also coming out of the same carnal environment. You might be surprised at how many there are out there just like you. I hear from them here on a daily basis; and the number is growing faster than any seeker church in America.

Now, if your church has not yet surrendered to the world and its ways, then, by all means, stay and serve the Lord there; but just know this: If you need to leave the church you’re in and are afraid to do so because you can’t find another around you any better; there’s always a place for you and your family to worship at home – if not yours, then someone else’s. I know because after visiting churches in three counties around us for several months, my wife and family began holding Sunday services ourselves at home. I don’t know how long it will last because we continue to seek the Lord’s guidance and will; and I admit, it was a little awkward at first; but MY, what a blessing it has been!

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” – Matthew 18:20

Bono is as talentless as he is vulgar and arrogant.

U2 have never done anything original. Anything they have done has been done before and done better. Those talentless clowns even did a rooftop concert imitating The Beatles in ‘Let It Be’ pretending it was dynamic and a creative idea of their own. Rock music was born out of Black R&B in the fifties, apexed in the sixties and died in the seventies. U2 and Bono arrived after the fact once the real show was already over. They are musically frauds (as are 90% of Rock musicians) and Bono is a foul mouthed braggart. He thinks being a second (if not third) rate Rock talent makes him an expert on geo-politics and global poverty, when in fact every economist knows he is speaking a lot of stupid ignorant rubbish. In fact he is an expert in nothing more than blowing his own bad sounding horn.

I dislike his copycat music and I dislike him. His demonic inter faith message does not surprise me any more than his trashy language does. He seems to believe using four letter words on TV makes him ‘cool’ (he wasn’t even the first to do that – the co-equally talentless SEX Pistols were)he cajoles the abject notion that trying to mesmerize his tasteless audience with his anti christ incantation cum mantra makes him a religious guru of some hideous description.

Jacob Prasch

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