Crystal Cathedral in Calif. Owes Money to Vendors

Moriel and Jacob Prasch ask prayer that the Lord will bring his continued judgment on Robert Schuller’s apostate Crystal Cathedral house of heresy.

Robert Schuller is the professing Reformed Calvinist cum psycho-babbling heretic who preached that he would not mind if his grandchildren became Muslims after inviting the Islamic Grand Mufti of Damascus to his pulpit, and who called upon his congregants to ask the pope whom he called “The Holy Father” the way home. Schuller was influenced by the 33rd degree Free Mason Norman Vincent Peal; we might say that “Schuller laid the egg that Bill Hybels and Rick Warren hatched”.

Schuller once even taught that “Jesus Christ went to the cross in order to magnify His ego”!

We thank God for His almighty judgment on this wicked ministry. May the God who bought down Jim and Tammy Bakker’s PTL Club, the Brownsville Revival of John Kirpatrick, Paula White’s Church Without Walls, and The Lakeland lunatic asylum of the Straders and Todd Bentley, please also now bring down the Crystal Cathedral abomination of Robert Schuller, we pray in Jesus Holy Name.

Thu Mar 25, 7:15 pm ET
Associated Press

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. ““ The Crystal Cathedral megachurch, birthplace of the “Hour of Power” televangelist broadcast, owes tens of thousands of dollars for services provided for last year’s holiday pageant, vendors said Thursday.

Administrators sent an e-mail to “Glory of Christmas” vendors saying the church is having “severe financial difficulties” and can’t afford to pay them now.

A meeting between the vendors and church is set for next week.

The church, founded in the mid-1950s by Robert H. Schuller, is staggering under about $55 million in debt. Earlier this year it ordered major layoffs, cut the number of stations airing the “Hour of Power” and sold property to stay afloat.

The 10,000-member church also canceled this year’s “Glory of Easter” pageant, which attracts thousands of visitors and is a regional holiday staple.

The cathedral is doing everything it can to strengthen itself financially and is not looking at bankruptcy as an option, church spokesman John Charles said.

Vendor Kristina Oliver, who provides the live animals for the “Glory of Christmas” manger scene from her Hemet-based Oliver Livestock Co., said she has been trying to collect nearly $57,000 from the church for months.

Vendor Juliet Noriega, who provided costumes, said she is owed more than $10,000.

“If someone is going to put forth an effort, they should be paid,” said Noriega, who has designed costumes for the annual Christmas spectacular for 25 years.

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