Islamists Attack Russia; Pray America Is Not Next

Please Note: The following statement reflects a theological opinion of the author and not a political one in any electoral or partisan sense and does not in its entirety necessarily reflect the views of Moriel).

By James Jacob Prasch

I have been to the Lubianka Subway Station in Moscow just outside of the imposing FSB (former KGB) Headquarters and surrounding government buildings. The place Muslims terrorists struck today killing dozens of people would be the equivalent of putting two bombs outside of the FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C.

It is once again Genesis 12:1-3 coming home to roost at Putin’s doorway. ‚  It is yet another example of Obadiah 15 in action where what nations do to Israel will be done to them. ‚   As ‚   the Islamic terrorist regime of Iran threatens Israel and develops nuclear weapons while Obama twiddles his thumbs issuing statements that suggest he accepts it as inevitable, Putin’s Russia sells Iran anti-aircraft missiles to shoot down Israeli planes defiant of Israel’s pleading to refrain from such sales. ‚   Now Islamic terror hits Putin’s Russia.

When ‚   the Obama ‚  administration failed to intercept an Islamic terrorist on a Christmas flight to America to whom Hilary Clinton’s State Department issued a visa despite the bomber being on a watch list, Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano appeared on TV stupidly stating “the system worked”. Napolitano even appointed a Muslim with ties to an organization with connections to a known Islamic terror group. ‚   America was narrowly spared despite the incompetence of the Obama administration. It was only God’s gracious hand that spared Detroit from this attack. But given Obama’s latest anti-Israel escapade, why should God prevent it again? Obama’s agenda is pro-homosexual lesbian, pro-abortion and ‚  pro-Islamic. Do we have a righteous leader whose prayers God hears?

Now that Barak Hussein Obama, in the best tradition of George Bush, has knelt down to ‚   the Christian persecuting and ‚   Jew-hating religion of Islam and condemned Israel for ‚   building houses in Jerusalem, three-fourths of Congress have written the White House urging Obama to stop his anti-Israel campaign. But Obama has already made it clear that he cares nothing for the democratic will of the majority of the people. ‚   Neither public opinion nor congressional opinion can stop Obama. Let us pray that God stops Obama lest judgment fall on America once again because of this evil, ‚  evil man. Putin brought this on Russia. If God does not stop him, Obama will bring the same on America.

May The Lord comfort the families of the victims murdered in Moscow in the name of Islam and cause both Russians and Muslims to turn to Christ.

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