May God Act Soon!

MORIEL urges prayer that God will act against the now passed Sexual Orientation Regulations of Tony Blair and his government backed by many Conservative members of parliament including the Conservative leader David Cameron. This legislation forces religious institutions to provide services including homosexual and lesbian adoption of children, with steep financial penalties against those responsible for the care of these children and these services.

As we see the New York City School System outlawing Nativity scenes at Christmas all the while allowing Islamic symbols at Ramadan, the Supreme Court refuses to act. Street preachers are now being arrested for so-called “hate crimes” in Britain and America and the persecution Jesus warned would come is arriving, but the promised revival of the Toronto experience and Pensacola advocates has not. Instead of falling on the floor to weep and repent at what is happening in our nations and around the world, religious liars in pulpits told their congregations to fall on the floors as if drunk and laugh.

With the UK Conservative party leader voting in active support of anti-Christian, pro-homosexual legislation depriving Christians of their rights, add to this that all three of the leading Republican presidential candidates Giuliani, Romney, and McCain are pro-abortion, then combine this with the Ronald Reagan appointed Republican Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor writing the decision ordering the Ten Commandments out of the Judicial building in Alabama, reality is taking hold and our situation is dire. To our further dismay we have seen President Bush place a Koran (a book declaring “God has no Son” and John declares is Antichrist) in the White House. He further compounds his error by singing the praises of Islam, lying to the American people and the world that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. Any person with a moderate amount of sense realizes that it was Islam that guided and directed those responsible for the September 11th tragedy, the London subway and Spain’s train bombings as well as hundreds of other destructive acts worldwide. This fact is backed up by the boasts of many Islamic preachers themselves! Moriel asks, when will the na ƒ ¯ve and undiscerning Christians wake up to the ridiculous myth that the Conservative party or Republican party politicians are somehow more “Christian”? How many more babies have to be aborted, how many more bombs have to explode, how many more of our rights have to be taken away before Christians will realize that these politicians are not our friends and are actually bringing judgment on our nations? Their lies are cheap and stand debunked as they always have and will be.

At the same time, Condoleezza Rice with her oil industry background continues her silence on the real apartheid in the Middle East in Saudi Arabia where even the Bible is outlawed and non-Moslems have no human or civil rights. All the while she propagates her lie comparing ‚  Israeli policies to apartheid and demanding implementation of her Chamberlain-type policies that Israel forfeits more land to Islam in return for peace. These appeasement policies did not work with Hitler and will not work with Islam. We have already seen that the land Israel has forfeited in Gaza was and is simply being used to continue rocket attacks against Israel with the further aim of getting more land from them and their ultimate destruction. Without doubt these actions incur divine judgment on the basis of Genesis 12:3 and we will continue to see Americans sent home in body bags by Islamic terror. As American and British leaders continue their appeasement policies of Islam and sell Israel out to Islamic terror for the sake of international oil interests and a cheap gallon of gas, the judgment of God is looming and drawing near.

It is our prayer that the judgment of God will fall mightily upon the evil political forces being animated by Satan in the White House and in Whitehall and not on our nation or our precious soldiers. These wicked men and women currently holding high political office are indeed the enemies of God. Forcing Christian institutions to hand over orphans to homosexual and lesbian couples for adoption against their convictions is a wickedness that will place those responsible eternal hell lest they repent. The blessings of the White House and 10 Downey Street to an intolerant Saudi funded Wahabism that engenders support for terror and persecutes Christians and promotes Jew hatred is demonic. May the Hand of God rise up in anger against them and may His wrath upon them come quickly, lest His judgment fall upon all of us (1 Peter 4:17) and His wrath upon our nations because of these sons of darkness in high places.

May the Lord God avenge His people quickly (Revelation 6:10), may God remove these wicked kings (Daniel 2:21), and may the God of Israel destroy the enemies of Israel (Psalm 83:9-18).

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