Response To Latest Silly Antics Of Robert Morey

Once more arch Calvinist Robert Morey is engaging in the silly antics of what in the estimation of many people he does best – not tell the truth.

I did indeed confront Robert Morey in an airport lounge ‚  near London. I was in the company of my daughter (and my lawyer). My hair had been recently cut, and I found his web site remarks that I was/am “fat” rather hideous coming from ‚  someone so obese that he ‚  himself resorted to weight reduction cosmetic surgery ‚  (he is an amateur chef who appeared to much lavish his own cooking). As all who know me realize, I ‚  do constantly battle with weight as a side effect of medication I am forced to take for a serious neck injury, but at my plumpest I never approached his monstrous size ‚  nor ever resorted to any form of stomach mesh, tummy tuck, liposuction, or intestinal by-pass or other surgical remedy as he did. I do not see why he became so personal in his ‚  tirade given his own well known medical history and the identity he established for himself as “the fat man behind the pulpit”.

In actual fact, I ‚  addressed Morey ‚  calmly while sipping a coffee simply informing him “that a liar and a thief deserves to lose his building”. That Morey is a thief is publicly maintained by his distribution agent in Texas and organizers of a conference in which he was once a participant. That he is a liar is verified by his false claims regarding my theology that have been publicly documented as false. That he is an academic fraud is verified by the seminary from where he claims his bogus doctorate in Islam that the issuing institution asserts is phony. ‚  It remains my conviction, and the conviction of various others, that the loss of his building ‚  due to financial failure was an act of divine retribution.

Without identifying the non-existent source (whom ‚  Morey simply calls “Robert G.”, identifying him ‚  as a supposed friend of mine), Morey again falsely asserts that ‚  I once taught the erroneous doctrine of “soul sleep” (which in ‚  actual fact I have always taught against). Morey’s failure to identify this alleged ‚  friend of mine indicates that ‚  there quite obviously is no such person or he would have named his source.

I am also surprised that Mr. Morey ‚  wonders in his comments why major speakers invite me regularly to their platforms and conferences. The real question ‚  he ought to be asking of course is: “why ‚  will they no longer invite him”?

His dishonesty, arrogance, and ‚  the abject substance of his attacks against Dave Hunt, myself, and others have caused him to be largely dis-included from the conference circuit and ignored by ‚  the reputable elements in discernment circles. His unethical actions have marginalized him to remain on the sidelines.

Morey ‚  is a sad, ‚  ethically deficient man plainly lacking the scholarly stature to which he pretends. Misrepresenting himself as a PhD ‚  expert in Islam ‚  claiming to have ‚  read all of the thousands of volumes on the subject in the US Library of Congress, is ‚  a claim that is not merely false, but an absolutely ludicrous claim. In fact Morey cannot even read Arabic. To ‚  pose as ‚  an expert in Islam when he cannot even read the text of the Koran in its official language renders him a demonstrable charlatan. ‚  His refusal to debate me on the Hebrew text of Ecclesiastes in the presence of independent language experts speaks for itself, (as does his ridiculous offer to instead debate the error of “soul sleep” when he knows I do not ‚  believe that error).

Morey has ‚  a clearly declining ministry and a self-inflicted reputation for dishonesty both financially and academically. ‚   From the loss of his radio ministry, his building, and the numbers who have left his church who have contacted us, to his no longer being welcomed to the conferences he once was invited to, to the exposure of his fraudulent academic credentials in Islam by the seminary he claims awarded it, ‚  this ‚  sorry pathetic figure ‚  has become a discredited and insignificant legend in his own arrogant mind – nothing more. Among others, his own former agent even doubts ‚  that Robert Morey ‚  is or ever was a regenerate believer.

If ‚  Morey were not so nasty and disreputable, I could almost feel compassion for him.

JJ Prasch

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