Moriel Missions Southern Africa July 2006

Dear friends

June was another busy month with plenty happening on the ministry front. First of all thank you for all your prayers for the children”s illnesses. It was an awesome time with all nine kids visiting sister jenny at the clinic with gastric. Thank the Lord for the gift of nappies a supporter sent, they were a gift in perfect timing.

We also had a visit from Jacob who spent a couple of days with us and took time out to play with the children. We also threw an ice cream party for the Ebyown and Bezaleel children (ice cream was Jacob’s idea) and thanks to our friends visiting from Klerksdorp there was plenty of other food to go around. The kids had been practicing a song “Halleluiah Hosanna”  in English, Sotho and Zulu with one verse in Hebrew. This impressed Jacob and he taught them another song in Hebrew as well. The afternoon finished with a soil turning ceremony for the next building, more news on that later.

People News

Salvador has begun to put together a small team for evangelism and you will find them during the week on the shopping centres. This has led to several interesting developments.

  • Salv crashed the car and wrote it off. Thank the Lord no one was hurt but it has left us without our primarily vehicle. Please pray for this.
  • Salv was just picking up our latest evangelism team member Mike Lillenfield. Mike is helping Salv take tracts onto the avenues shopping centre.
  • While giving out tracts they were asked to move on as evangelism is now not allowed. Seems South Africa , once a God fearing nation has turned its back on the Gospel and also nationally on Israel . No wonder the country seems under Gods judgment.


The children have been quite poorly over the last few weeks but seem to be now coming back to good health. This month saw everyone at the doctors for blood tests, consultations and ARV’s. Thank the Lord for His provision.

This week I went to order a house which will be constructed on August the 16th. We have 6 weeks to put in place all the utilities. The house will have three bedrooms, two small and one large. This will be used for a variety of things including being a secondary missionary building for the increasing amount of visitors.

We have also already begun a new aspect of Ebyown called “The Bethesda Project” . As I have mentioned abortion rates are unprecedented and something has got to be done. We cannot any longer just preach about its evil, its time to be pragmatic and DO something about it. Hence ” ˜ Bethesda ’ the house of mercy. Our hope it to encourage youngsters not to have abortions. We will provide clothing, cots and prams (any donations?) When the child is born and the mother still doesn’t want the child, we will take the child at Ebyown. We have already begun, a 14 year old has been made pregnant, even though the father wanted to stay by her he ended up being shot dead by a neighbour. This has left her distraught. Ebyown has stepped in with practical help in the hope that instead of abortion she will keep her baby

Please pray for the 15th of July, social workers from the area are meeting to discuss a way forward for Ebyown and we will receive news hopefully the next day if all goes to plan.

The Ebyown team of Dave, Lyn and Chris and Aaron are all doing fine. The staff who we hire has had a mixed time with Victoria ’s brother being shot dead last week and so she has had to go to sort out the funeral. Lorraine has been ill with Pneumonia and so everyone has done extra to keep the place ticking over


Alan and Sue have had a busy month and like Ebyown the gastric bug hit most of the children. Good news came with a sponsor who has generously decided to fix the Bezaleel roof and give the place a paint job, not only that but they came round with Pneumonia injections for the kids and also new bedding and oil radiators.

Bezaleel also begins a new project. The building of a cottage outside will give accommodation to a parent with HIV and her children. Many adults end up marginalized because of the stigma of HIV. They cannot get work and face rejection by society. This cottage will enable a parent to live in dignity and when they go to be with the Lord the children will have a loving Christian home to go to. Please pray that the finances will come in for this as we have started the work in faith.

Both Ebyown and Bezaleel would like to thank our supporters for all their prayers and help during the month of June ” “ we thank our Father God for you all.


July will bring three ladies from the UK and a man from Australia to help us with Ebyown and Evangelism. If you would like to come out for a longer period, then please call us. All you will need to provide is:

  • Your return ticket
  • Police clearance (children’s act)
  • A pastors reference
  • A CV telling us of your experience and why you want to come to Africa
  • Have a servants nature and be willing to adapt to a crazy extended family situation

We need

  • Cooks
  • Child workers
  • Cross cultural evangelist
  • Tradesmen

We can offer food and accommodation for the right people and a good experience of semi rural African mission.

Dave’s Itinerary

Please pray for Dave as he has a busy couple of months. First of all he will be in the USA from the 13th July till the 15th August speaking in LA, Phoenix , Cedar Rapids , Prescott , Pittsburgh and New York . For Dates and venues contact our International administrator David Lister at [email protected]

Christopher will be manning the office for college enquiries. +27 (0)11 730 1719

Aletheia Community Church

Is growing quite well, with several new people coming along over the last few weeks. We meet twice a week for teaching:

  • Sundays 10:30am followed by a bring and share meal
  • Mondays 7:30 for Bible study and prayer

If anyone wants a visit during July or wants directions on how to get there call Salvadore at the number above.

Prayer Needs

  • For the new projects mentioned in our newsletter
  • For the children’s health
  • For Dave, Lyn, Salv, Chris, Aaron and staff as we run the ministry together
  • For a new practical vehicle
  • For the Bible College
  • For Sue, Allan and Roxy as they run Bezaleel
  • For all the ministries practical needs

Want to help?

That’s easy, just sign up for three months or help financially by contacting the following people

For Royle Family Support

Brenda & Baden Royle
2 Cressington Close
Off Derby Road
Salford 6
Manchester UK
0161 737 2996
Email: [email protected]

For Ministry Support Please Contact

Phil Baldwin
25 Engels House
Trafford Road
Manchester UK
Tel: 0161 789 3203
Email: [email protected]

Our South Africa Details

Pastor David Royle
Po Box 10807
Strubenvale 1570
South Africa
Tel/Fax: 011 730 1719
Email: [email protected]

New Convenient Way Of Giving

You can now make a donation online via your credit card by clicking here. You can also give by contacting your local Moriel Office.


Fisca is the law that affects those donating by cheque to charitable organizations; South African law states that the donors address details are written on the back of the cheque. This is to help fight against money laundering in Africa.

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