The Size of the Stephen Sizer Theology

As predicted, as reported below, the Palestinians of Gaza now turn their bombs and murder against Arab Christians. The same as churches are burned in Egypt with impunity, converts to Christ are imprisoned in Jordan and are hung or beheaded in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

With 2.3 million Christians slaughtered in open genocide by Islamic Arab militias in Sudan in the last 12 years, we ask what is the Stephen Sizer reaction?

  • Effectively turn your back on the desperate screams of those being martyred for Christ and are helplessly watching their children brutally victimized by Islam.
  • Instead of demanding international moral action against the Islamic countries persecuting the Body of Christ, demand a boycott of Israel, the one country in the Middle East that actively protects the religious freedom and human rights of Arab Christians.
  • Attack Evangelicals who believe the Word of Jesus that the Jews need to be in their ancient land and capital for Him to return (Luke 21:24, Zecheriah 12:1-10, Matthew 23:37-39), and align yourself with both Islamics and ecumenical clergy complete with their icon veneration, sacramentalism, etc. (all in violation of the 39 articles to which he ostensibly claims to believe).
  • Sing the praises of Desmond Tutu , who has called for the ordination of lesbians into the Anglian communion ” “ and of anyone else in Sabeel who will falsely label Zionism as apartheid, and effectively back the demands of Christian persecuting Islamic barbarity at the expense of the persecuted church and true justice.
  • Call Israel, where Arab Israelis have the right to vote and take 22% of places in Israeli universities, “apartheid” and ignore the real apartheid states like Saudi Arabia and Malaysia where there is actual Islamic apartheid where non-Moslems have no rights.
  • Avoid publicly debating Walid Shoebat, Simon Altef, Yosef Fara, Assis Shorush or any of the Arab Evangelicals who support Israel as a protector of the human rights of Arab Christians who will tell the whole truth.
  • Pretend that the UN World Health Organization (WHO) published reports prior to the Islamic intifadas that after 1967 standards of living, infant mortality, unemployment, and longevity increased 320% under the Israeli rule in the West Bank above what it had been under Islamic rule, and by nearly 370% in Gaza.
  • Reject the plain teaching of the New Testament that both the Old and New Covenants still belong to the Jews (Romans 9:4 ” “ present continuous active in the Greek text) and the biblical doctrine that the New Covenant was made with the Jews not the per se church (Jeremiah 31:31), and preach the invented false doctrine of Replacement Theology.
  • Remain in a Church of England that ordains homosexuals and in some countries consecrates them as bishops, and whose Arch Bishop of Canterbury is a member of a Druid sect and ‚   whose future “Defender of the Faith” wants to be “Defender of Faith” (Islam, Hinduism etc.), and preach about the unrighteousness of Israel while Islam perpetrates genocide in the Middle East and terror on the London tubes.

This is Stephen Sizer.

This is Sabeel.

This is religious hypocrisy at its worse.

Get Well Soon and Read the latest reports from Gaza below.

J. Jacob Prasch
Psalm 129:5

Have received an urgent prayer request for the Christian-Arab Bible mission in the Gaza strip. They have been ordered out of their building by masked gunmen, and told that if they don’t leave in a week they will be bombed (they have been “proliferating literature against Islam”). A small bomb went off outside their door in the past few days. The residents in the building have also had warnings to evacuate. They were told they had to close down and not relocate. They would like to stand their ground and believe the Lord will protect them.

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