Resist Obama’s unconstitutional school bathroom decree

On May 13, President Obama took the most blatantly unconstitutional step of his entire tenure in office—threatening to cut federal funds unless local school districts allow students into opposite sex bathrooms and locker rooms if they identify as “transgender.”

The New York Times called Obama’s drastic executive action a “decree,” conjuring up images of King George rather than an American President.


That means teenage girls in high school locker rooms around the country will be forced to undress and shower in the presence of biological males. It also means that on overnight school trips, schools must permit biological males to share rooms with girls.

This is nothing more than the Obama administration unlawfully rewriting federal law to meet its own radical social agenda. When Congress passed Title IX in 1972, nobody thought “sex” included some abstract notion of “gender identity.” Sex didn’t mean “gender identity” then and it doesn’t mean it now either. Ironically, Title IX was designed to protect women from discrimination—typically described as creating a “hostile environment” on the basis of sex. Now it’s being used torequire the creation of a hostile environment for women and girls, since boys who “identify” as girls will now be able to invade spaces reserved for feminine privacy!

Congress has specifically rejected proposals to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to statutes dealing with school and workplace discrimination. Yet the Obama administration has declared it has the authority to unilaterally rewrite federal law so as to include those categories within Civil Rights statutes like Title IX.

This is an unprecendented overreach into an area that has traditionally been governed by state and local regulation. It’s a bad policy imposed by federal overlords without any basis in law or regulatory authority.

Obama’s guidance document for schools rejects potential compromises(like single-occupancy bathroom facilities for “transgender” students), stating that “A school may not require transgender students to use facilities inconsistent with their gender identity or to use individual-user facilities when other students are not required to do so.

It’s time for parents, teachers, school boards, and other state and local authorities to stand up and say, “We cannot comply with these regulations in good conscience, regardless of what the consequences may be. Enough is enough!”

Sign the petition to President Obama, Asst. Attorney General Vanita Gupta, and Asst. Secretary of Education Catherine Lhamon, informing them that we do not accept these illegal regulations that

Please click here to sign petition.

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