Pastor Fred Howell of UK Now With Jesus

Pastor Fred Howell was a dear friend and brother and a supporter of Moriel. Fred Howell was from the ranks of traditional Pentecostalism. He was as much an evangelist as a pastor and faithfully led many souls to Jesus over many years of ministry. He and his wife Barbara once joined us on a study tour of Israel. Men of God did not come much better than Pastor Howell. 
As pastor of the Assembly of God in Congleton, Cheshire, England Pastor Howell was one of a remnant of Pentecostals in the true sense of the term who withstood the plunge into heretical error popular Pentecostalism embraced in the sad era off the counterfeit revivals of Toronto and Pensacola and the rapid decline that followed these deceptions. Fred was also a tremendous help and encouragement to the Moriel affiliated congregation in Winford, Cheshire and its exit from the Assemblies of God.
Never one to retire, Pastor Fred continued in ministry  after official retirement serving The Lord in the Primitive Methodist fellowship at Mowcop near where he lived as well as at Winsford.
We shall indeed miss our beloved Fred until we meet him in Glory where he awaits us in the eternal presence of the Jesus whom he loved and served. We do request prayer for his dear wife Barbara. My prayer is that I will be as ready to meet Jesus face to face as my comrade  Pastor Howell was. We thank God for his years of ministry and Praise God that we shall be with him again on this earth for 1,000 years with Christ and then in Eternity. Please remember  Barbara. 
Jacob Prach & Moriel
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