Mission Activities with Philippine Garbage Dump Children

The PURPOSE of the Moriel Mission is to obey the great commission of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is to evangelize people around the dump site area and to other communities. To see them saved and to educate people from the word of God for right faith and practice.

Programs and Activities

We focus first on the children who need much care, as the Lord Jesus Christ said in  Matthew 19:14  &  Matthew 14:16.We gathered the scavenging children from the rubbish dumps to teach them the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and gave them food to eat. The number of children have reached to more than 70, who are regular on the Moriel Regular Teaching and Feeding Program feeding the children daily. After reaching the children, we reached their parents. Some of them are actively and regularly attending the Bible study. Secondly there is education in the form of sponsorship with Moriel Gift Giving. Every start of school year, the children receive school supplies, toiletries and book bags. During rainy season, the children receive umbrellas and raincoats for their protection from rain. Every month of December – Year End Thanksgiving party plus grocery bags containing grocery items. Thirdly there is Moriel Aide where we help pay other school fees, provides vitamins and medicines, help assist the parent to bring the sick child to Hospital when needed.


  • Bible Study every Saturday morning

  • Song practice every Saturday afternoon

  • Chapel Hour every Sunday morning

  • Parents Bible Study every Sunday afternoon

  • Prayer meeting every Friday evening

  • Children Youth Hour and Gospel tract distribution

Goals for the children

  1. To increase the number of children who confessed and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Saviour.

  2. To become the next generation of God fearing citizen.

  3. To fill what is lacking on their life needs (physically and spiritually) by God’s grace.

  4. To help them pursue their school study to finished their course for good future.

  5. To see them become familiar in all Christian activities, church and mission work, serving the Lord while young until they get mature in their faith.

Goals for the parents and other people

  1. Increase the number of parents who come to know the Lord and be saved.

  2. To grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. People within the community to become worshiper of true and holy God and the Lord Jesus Christ.


  • The more serious medical pediatric medical conditions have been addressed including the three with severe congenital heart disease. Rialyn Cali’s cleft lip has successfully been repaired substantially with the first surgery although further operations will be required.

  • Almost all of them gained weight and some have just the same weight.

  • Fewer children are scavenging.

  • They’re conscious about their hygiene

  • Almost all children go to school.

  • There are children graduated from elementary grade school.

  • Having a comfortable multi-purpose room: for feeding, chapel hour, Bible study, Bible seminars, other activity.

Some of the children now know how to play the organ, how to use a computer and they are confident in presenting their praise song number at other churches. The children are active in attending in the Sunday Chapel Hour. Some of the young boys know how to song lead on singing and bible devotion. Also some of them practicing how to teach bible stories.

While the feeding and education of the children is important, their salvation and using the aids programs to evangelize their families is even more important.

Please pray for the work of Jesus among our poor children and their families.

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