HOW MORIEL, MORIEL MISSIONS, MORIEL TV, MORIEL QUARTERLY, and MORIEL SOCIAL MEDIA WORK ADMINISTRATIVELY, FINANCIALLY and LEGALLY., Moriel TV, BE ALERT, Moriel TV Facebook, and all printed and social media material of Moriel are exclusively published, web hosted, web served, and web posted in the USA only by Moriel USA (a US 5013 non profit organisation).

Moriel USA, most members of the Moriel team (including James Jacob Prasch), are American based and are legally domiciled in the USA (Coved has however stranded some missionaries and team members abroad).

Moriel Australia , UK, Canada , (and 8 other countries) are all legally and financially – totally separate from one another as independent legally incorporated or chartered entities, and none have any ownership, operating control. or responsibility for web posted or published material of the platforms which are incorporated in the USA. All are affiliated on the basis of common Christian doctrine and mission goals only. Mission projects are funded from multiple international branches,

All inquiries concerning Moriel TV and Moriel Social Media, as well as publications, are forwarded to the USA where they are established and legally located. The independent international Moriel agencies outside of The USA exercise no executive responsibility, and hold no liability, or propriety for these American platforms or their content. All content is the intellectual property of Moriel USA. Each country’s Moriel organization is 100% legally and financially autonomous and self administrated. Moriel is a united theological voice only, but is not a legal, financial, or administrative monolith.

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