Welcome Moriel Canada!

Moriel happily welcomes Steven Boot to its international board and he and his wife Inger who will additionally be opening the new Moriel Canada branch in the new year.

Steve and Inger’s Biography

Was born in Portsmouth England, but having a Naval Father meant being raised across the U.K. and the ,  world in various ports and bases including Singapore. The Lord ,  saved ,  me at age 16 by the witness of Jewish believers whilst working in a restaurant (The first time on hearing the gospel). Then through ,  God’s supernatural intervention I ended up going to seminary at London Bible College, earning a degree in Theology where I co-led the campus Prayer for Israel group with Jacob Prasch. Ministered then ,  in a number of short term projects, including Iceland and various other Scandinavian countries.

Met Inger my ,  wife at a missions base in Norway 1992. Two weeks after our marriage we were pastoring amongst the Inuit (Eskimo) people’s in the ,  Canadian Arctic. I Spent the next nine years at various mission posting across the Northwest Territories, ending up in the high,  Arctic,   close to the Alaskan Border near the North Pole. ,  Then after a spell in the Canadian military post 9/11, returned to the pastoral ministry. I left the Anglican ministry due to a series of serious doctrinal and moral ,  differences on a range of issues from not accepting infant baptism to my objecting to homosexual ordination. ,   Currently we are ,  in the Albertan Prairies, where I pastor,   a Pentecostal church amongst the Northern Canadian ,  rural peoples; including the Cree and other ,  native groups. ,  Inger my ,  wife was raised in a Christian Home in Kristiansand, Norway. She ,  follows in her father’s footsteps of ministering through music and Christian song.

Israel 054Moriel Canada
Box 1122
Athabasca, Alberta T9S 2A9
Steven Boot, Representative
Tel: 780 675 2333
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