Carter Duped by Hamas Again

By: Scott Wheeler and Peter Leitner
Thursday, June 25, 2009 12:54 PM

When it comes to describing the unfortunate periodic reappearances of Jimmy Carter in the Middle East, several characterizations come to mind but none more so than these two: a basket case of self-delusion or venal anti-Semitism masquerading as compassion.

In either case, Carter is destined to continue his encouragement of the outlawed terrorist organization Hamas to pursue its murderous policies aimed primarily at civilians.

During his recent foray into Gaza “” where Carter publically called upon the United States to remove the Iranian backed, Muslim Brotherhood affiliated, Hamas from the list of known terrorist organizations “” he managed to be the only observer of Mideast politics to believe the absolutely phony and poorly staged “falling out” between Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal and his Deputy Moussa Abu Marzook.

What Carter interpreted as a sign of Hamas’ moderation was in fact a clumsy tactical move to make that organization appear moderate by spinning off its terrorist operational arm into a subsidiary organization so that when the next series of terror attacks occur they will have a degree of deniability for the actions they launch.

This is an old tactic taken directly from the terrorist playbook of the late Yassir Arafat during the course of his murderous existence.

It also comes at a time when multiple reports, and statements by his own advisers, have indicated that Obama intends to negotiate with Hamas. In fact, some reports say that Carter was delivering that message from Obama.

Then came the staged “roadside bomb” incident where Hamas announced it had discovered and neutralized a bomb along Carter’s motorcade route. Of course he was deeply grateful for their vigilance, professionalism, and concern for his safety.

Again he stood alone in being so gullible as to defy belief among virtually all observers of his trip. Everyone else was convinced that Hamas planted the “bomb” themselves to then act as hero by finding it. Hamas literally saw Carter coming.

Let us not forget that Carter also urged Hamas to recognize the right of Israel to exist. Can we now get Carter to urge Obama to recognize Israel’s right to exist? To his chagrin, Hamas categorically rejected Israel’s right to exist when a senior Hamas official announced, “Recognizing Israel is completely unacceptable.”

Undaunted by these obvious facts concerning the violent and implacable nature of his Hamas friends, Carter is still insisting that U.S. and U.N. sanctions against Hamas be lifted and they be rewarded for their vile rejectionist stance “” after all the people in Gaza who freely elected them are suffering under their policies.

Alas, it is such a pity that Carter’s favorite terrorist organization has the bad taste to actually do what they say they believe in.

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