Jacob Prasch Update

On behalf of Jacob Prasch, ,  Moriel thanks our readers and friends for the absolute avalanche of prayers and best wishes we have received for Jacob Prasch who has been cleared to return to Britain for further treatment and recuperation after narrowly averting what his physicians say would likely have been a fatal stroke had he boarded the plane in Cape Town for Asia as scheduled. We attribute,  Jacob noticing the phlebitis in is ankle and the presence of his friend Dr. Hilda Podlas (a Jewish medical specialist consultant who came to faith through Jacob’s tapes with her husband) at a preaching engagement in Cape Town as divine intervention.
He is released from hospital, the phlebitis reveals no thrombosis, blood pressure is under control with medication, but he remains in persistent cardiac fibrillation with arrhythmia and a marginally enlarged heart,  requiring,  ,  on going treatment in the UK. ,  Continuing prayer is much valued. We thank God a massive stroke was prevented and there was no heart attack.
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