Sergio Mariani statement on Bill Randles, Oct 13, 2019

The following is a copy of the comment that was made publicly and directly to Bill Randles, by Sergio Mariani. Sergio is a retired police officer who formerly was appointed by Bill Randles to be part of the media team for believer’s in grace church.  His statement was issued independently without any reference from or to, or without any input from Moriel Ministries:

“Bill, by your own words which you have spoken to me face to face, I know you are looking for nothing more than vengeance for what you perceive were wrongs done against you.  You are good at semantics and at manipulating words to appear as a victim.  This is deception and just adds to the wrongs.  You are acting under the influence and authority of the emotionality your wife mistakes for spirituality.  I don’t blame her because you have allowed it, just as Adam did with Eve, but it is the regrettable truth.  You have engaged in unbiblical practices!  Give up the worthless emotional bickering and practice what you once preached!  REPENT AND RESTORE THE CHURCH THAT HAS BEEN ENTRUSTED TO YOU BEFORE IS TOO LATE! GIVE UP THE IMMATURE AND SICK BICKERING AND QUIT SHAMING YOURSELF!  I told the same to your wife when she couldn’t resist her fleshy impulse to argue back and “compile evidence”.  Not Godly.  Jesus remained silent towards his accusers…

I have not answer publicly since I sadly left Believers in Grace Fellowship, but your contempt has gone too far.  

This is NOT an argument.  This is the end.”

Sergio M.

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