Understanding the Mixture


Can you explain God’s reasoning behind Leviticus 19:19?


Blessings in The One who saved us.  Your question was forwarded  to me from The USA.

We have explained this multiple times already –  for instance on our recorded teachings of ‘parasoxousin’ (Greek text) in 2 Peter chapt. 2 and elsewhere. The Torah/ Law of Moses is the Old Testament shadow of the substance found in Christ revealed in The New Testament.  Parasoxousin mean to put truth next to error to camouflage the error; all cults, false teachers, false prophets, and false religions have elements of truth they sow next to error. God hates mixture.  

Our salvation is another example of how the principle undergirding Leviticus 19 applies to us as it is fulfilled in Christ.  it is all of God not of us. We do good works because we have been saved not to get saved. We work out our salvation, we cannot earn it or work for it – it is the gift of God. It is not man’s efforts mixed with God’s as Roman Catholicism and most  other  false religions and cults falsely  teach.

The garments are what Isaiah calls in Hebrew ‘bigda yesha’ the garments of salvation or what the New Testament calls ‘ robes of righteousness’; it is the righteousness of Christ imputed to us, not our own. There is no mixture. Salvation is all the work  of God; we only respond to it.

Another example still is Jesus’ caveat to The Church of Laodicea about spitting out the lukewarm. The area around Laodicea has hot springs fed from the Roman aqueduct from Pamukela in modern Turkey but there are cold springs also where the water seasonally  chills forming both hot and cold springs and wells. The springs where the hot and cold mix are lukewarm. As always, Jesus hates the mixture. We address this in the book The Lord led me to author “The Dilemma of Laodicea” (which you can get from Moriel website or catalogue or Amazon etc.).

There is more to Leviticus 19 than this, but this is the essence of the meaning. How the Law of Moses is the shadow of New Testament truths fulfilled and revealed in Jesus is a massive subject and therefore not something we can explain extensively by e mail. If you want to truly  understand the New Testament beyond a baby food level of milk instead of meat we must understand it in light of The Old Testament (Hebrews 5: 10-14, 1 Cor. 3:1-2). Churches that do not expound the Old Testament in light if The New Testament only serve milk which is good for babies (new believers) but cannot produce real growth in older believers who have been saved any length of time. As a result we are told their spiritual senses cannot discern good from evil ( true doctrine and practice from false).  It is like its counterpart when  unsaved Jews cannot really understand the Tenak (Old Testament) beyond a superficial level unless they understand it points to Christ as the Messiah. The New cannot be understood properly without the Old, not the Old without the New.

Again, this is a massive subject and goes into lengths beyond what we can respond to by email, but I hope this at least answers your question. We do have a wide variety of scriptural teachings  and several books including ‘Grain For The Famine‘ where we attempt by God’s grace to address this issue with scriptural exposition. See also Understanding the Mixture.

In Jesus,

Jacob Prasch & Moriel

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