The Boston Bombing

God’s Judgment: We get the leaders we deserve

As we have stated for a number of years, as in the books of Kings and Chronicles, nations get the leaders they deserve be it a Jeroboam, a Manasseh or Bush, a Carter, a Clinton, and an Obama.

Although most of the September 11th murderers were Saudi Arabians and funded by Saudi princes, George W. Bush was quick to proclaim Islam a religion of “peace of tolerance” after 9/11 knowing that he was lying.   Neither he nor any of his oil industry cohorts like Dick Cheney and pro Palestinian James Baker, whom the Saudis carry around in their back pocket,  can show a single Moslem country that gives Christians and Jews the same rights as Moslems are given in Western countries. As Christians are flogged, hung, and beheaded in Saudi Arabia, his unprincipled father, George H. Bush called the Saudis “our friends” while his reprobate son placed a Koran, which states ‘God has no son,’ in the White House to honor the satanic religion responsible for 9/11.   Meanwhile, a copy of the Judeo Christian scriptures cannot even be brought into Saudi Arabia.   Bush went on after 9/11 to continue the express visa easy entry program for Saudi Arabians to whom he sold his soul despite it being Saudis responsible for 9/11. Some would call this treason. We call it ‘God’s judgment’.

Laura Bush meanwhile and Dick Cheney (whose lesbian daughter married her “wife”)  have issued public statements supporting same sex marriage, just as Bush appointed the Ronald Reagan nominated homosexual judge who outlawed California’s Proposition 8 against the democratic will of the people. Reince Priebus, the Chairman of The Republican National Committee, calls Evangelical Christians opposed to same sex marriage “Old Testament Heretics.” Yet, so many naive, gullible, and undiscerning Christians imagine the Republican Party to be somehow more Christian that the Democratic Party when in fact both are controlled by people who are controlled by Satan.

We get the evil leaders we deserve. Bush gave these demonized animals visas making it possible for them to kill more Americans; 3,000 did not appear to be enough dead Americans for the Bush family. Now Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has inaugurated a new easy visa policy for Saudi Arabians making it easier for these Wahhabist savages to remain in the USA than British people. How many more Americans does this woman who said “the system works” after another Moslem nearly detonated an airplane over a major American city want to see dead before she and Obama stop giving them visas?   We get the leaders we deserve.

Obama just gave a quarter billion dollars of borrowed money in military aid that we have to repay with interest to Egypt”s Moslem Brotherhood government of Morsi who says Jews are descendants of apes and pigs and nearly a half billion more to the Palestinian Moslems who likewise hate us. It is our own politicians who appear to behave like apes and pigs – we get the leaders we deserve. Godless nations get godless leaders.

No effort to close the Saudi funded Council on American Islamic Relations was enacted after September 11th despite that organization having three of its leaders as non-indicted culprits in funding terrorist organizations, and no closure of Saudi funded mosques and religious institutions pushing a Sharia agenda. Bush Secretary of State James Baker (a critic of Israel) became the lawyer for the Saudi Arabian Wahhabists being sued by the families of 9/11 victims for supporting Al Qaeda. It is clear where the loyalties of such people are as they are involved in the Carlyle Group with Saudi financial interests. Baker and Bush knifed the families of 9/11 victims of Moslem terror in the back on behalf of the Moslems who sponsored terror. Why? We get the leaders we deserve.

Now it has happened again. It was Chechnian Moslems who shot the 4 year-old children in the back on front of their parents in Beslan. When Russia massacred these demonized barbarians, the corrupt US government condemned Russia’s actions in order to please the Saudis.

Humiliated by Iran, Jimmy Carter was bailed out financially from his failing peanut farm by Moslem oil money and in his retirement he has become an anti Israel apologist for Islamic terror. Moslem oil money helped finance Clinton’s library as his wife Hillary kept Hamas-linked  Huma  Weiner on her staff with the praise of John McCain.

Barak Obama’s “Apology Tour” has resulted in the Moslem Brotherhood taking over Egypt and the fiasco in Benghazi engineered by the lies and incompetence of his former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, the biased left wing press and stupid academic establishment faults Israel for defending itself from the same brand of Islamic terror responsible for the Boston Marathon Bombing. This too provokes God to hand us over to the devices of our Islamic enemies. Clinton teamed up with Tony Blair, Xavier Solano, and Wesley Clark to take the side of the  Moslems against the Serbs despite the Kosovo Liberation Army being allied to Al Qaeda. In violation of the NATO treaty which only permits attack on a nation that attacks a NATO nation, these war criminals bombed the Serbs to protect the Moslems.

It is our own corrupt and godless leaders who are responsible for the Boston terrorist attack because we are under the judgment of God as baby aborting western societies have turned away from God.

Giving visas to Moslems after 9/11 is like giving visas to kamikaze pilots after Pearl Harbor. Our own godless and corrupt leaders who make Islamic terror inevitable are the result of our own sin. We will now hear the usual litany of filthy lies chanted by our evil leaders alleging that this has nothing to do with Islam, when it is Islamic jihad. As with the attempted bombing of the airport in Glasgow, Scotland, these murderers were educated Moslems of the kind Western countries stupidly allow in with student visas instead of deporting them as a danger to national security. Unfortunately, with the Secret Service to protect them it is not these crooked politicians who reap the fruit of their betrayal and corruption in the jihad but the citizens whom these treasonous  liars refuse to protect.

As in the book of Judges in the scripture, God allows a depraved barbarian nation of demonized savages  with an evil satanic religion to afflict nations that turn from their scriptural heritage. Yes, as King Zedekiah had his eyes torn out and he was dragged in fetters to Babylon, our evil leaders will also fall under divine wrath. But again – we only get the leaders we deserve. We are under God’s judgment and churches and preachers who contend otherwise lie.

Yet God’s judgment does not begin with crooked politicians who are by nature and definition  liars and hypocrites in our godless society. His judgment begins in the House of God with leaders like anti-Semitic clergy Stephen Sizer (who has joined forces with holocaust deniers and made overtly anti Semitic statements) and the Presbyterians blasting Israel in its quest for survival against Islamic terror.

These statements are not political but theological. This is God’s judgment. As in the books of Chronicles we get the leaders we deserve and as in the book of Judges, God is using a vulgar  heathen religion of Satan as He used the Philistines to judge a nation that has turned away from Him into absolute wickedness. We are under the judgment of God!

J. Jacob Prasch

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