Bush Attacks Christians in Defense of Islam Calling the Religion of Jihad and Suicide Bombing a Faith of Peace That He Respects

Much to the expressed pleasure of Islamic leaders, President George W Bush has slammed Evangelical leaders concerning their justified comments on Islam as a terrorist and anti-Semitic religion. Bush defended the faith of the House of Saud and the Wahab that engendered 15 of the 19 September 11th suicide bombers and a faith that has slaughtered 2.1 million Christians in the Sudan alone as “a religion of peace which he respects”.

We have often urged prayers for Bush as the New Testament commands, but we have warned that he, like his father, is nothing more than a political prostitute from a dynasty of political prostitutes, bought and paid for by international oil interests who want to placate the House of Saud at the expense of not protecting America and the West from Islamic terrorism. It took Bush a year after the 9/11 attacks to stop issuing Saudis “express visas”.

From the theater in Moscow, to the KLA in Serbia, to Chechnya, to Israel, to the Moluccan Islands, to Bali, to Lockerbie, to the Rushdie fatwa, to the Bradford riots, to the Moslem assassin of Robert Kennedy, to the Moslem Washington sniper, to the Philippines – Islam is at war with the Judeo-Christian world and the action of Bush proves he is on both sides.

As the Saudi Moslems execute our Christian brethren for their faith in Jesus and refuse America use of Saudi bases to topple Sadam Hussein, whom Bush Sr. left in power, Bush Jr. calls the Saudis “our friends”. A whore is the friend of anyone who pays them, and like any other whore, the whore in the White House only cares about making money for their pimp – the multinational energy interests who own and operate the Bush administration. As we see in everything from Enron to the green light given by Bush to rape the environment, Bush does not work for America and the religious right who were, as usual, naive clowns to believe he represented Christian interests.

Bush has done nothing about abortion, nothing to protect the rights of the Christians his Islamic owners are butchering, and has done nothing to protect America from the real engine of Islamic terrorism – the wahab of Saudi Arabia and the House of Saud and Saudi government who fund them.

By failing to carpet bomb Kandahar so as not to offend the Saudis with collateral damage, Bush allowed Bin Ladin to escape. Moslems murder the civilians of others and use their own as shields to hide in back of. In the Second World War, the British Air Marshal Harris and Field Marshal Montgomery made it clear that since the Nazis bombed British civilians, if they hide behind their own, the blood will be on their hands not the hands of the British. But as was done in Viet Nam, Bush refuses to fight a war.

As the murdering Islamic Saudi scum produce a vehemently anti-Semitic TV production for Egyptian government-owned TV based on the forgery The Protocals of the Elders of Zion, Bush says nothing and refuses to cut aid to Egypt and the Saudis support them.

In a real war like World War II, America detained immigrants potentially dangerous to national security. But Bush has not revoked the green cards and student visas of immigrants from Islamic countries where terror is bred and has not banned non-Turkish Islamic immigration, but to please the oil interests, Bush leaves America vulnerable to the arrival of new Islamic killers. Bush has all but remained silent regarding Iran, the second engine of terror, remembering that Bush Sr. was a co-pilot of the corrupt administration that illegally sold Ayatollah Khomeini weapons and tried to cover it up. Instead of fighting the war like a war, Bush does what was done in Viet Nam – ties the hands of the military and engages in dialogue, just as the Republicans did with detente when they lost Viet Nam . With Donald Rumsfeld as the same Defense Secretary who lost Viet Nam back at his old post, who better to lose another war than a proven loser?

While Moslems murder Christians and Jews from one end of the planet to the other, the pseudo-conservative Republican party establishment manipulates naive Christians into thinking that Islam protecting scum like Bush are Christians, who will always vote Republican because the Democrats are worse. In fact, nations get the leaders they deserve, and one party is as godless and hypocritical as the other. We urge our readers to e mail the White House in complaint regarding the Bush defense of Islam at [email protected]


The House of Saud and The House of Bush are two of a kind – evil scum.

Above all, we urge prayers for Mr. Bush, but we especially urge prayers that God will remove this wicked conniver from leadership.

James Jacob Prasch

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