A Conservative Christian Response to the Bush Condemnation of Israel

by James Jacob Prasch

Should George Bush Jr. become a one-term loser like his father?

As the Wahabist Saudi Arabian government funds radical Islamic institutions all over the world which breed Al Qaeda style terror and hang and decapitate people for becoming Christians, George Bush Sr. calls the Saudis “America”s friends”  and his son, the current president calls Islam “a religion of peace and tolerance” .

An anti-democratic nation that engenders and finances support for the terror that killed 3,000 Americans September 11th and which murders people for the crime of becoming Christians may be friends of Mr. Bush Sr., but they are no friends of America. A religion responsible for the genocidal extermination 200,000 Christians in East Timor, 55,000 Christians in the Philippines, and 2.1 million in Sudan may be the idea of peace and tolerance of Mr. Bush Jr., but it is not the view of millions of thinking and praying Christians who naively voted for him in the mistaken view that because of his mainly lip service pro-life position against the Democrats and his profession of an Evangelical faith (like all Texas politicians at election time ” “ whether it be genuine or not) that Bush would represent Christian interests.

A choice between a pro-abortion Democrat and a pro-Saudi Republican is no choice at all. One stinks as much as the other. Both have godless agendas and a “lesser of evils” is “an evil no less” . In the end, a Republican is no better and a Democrat no worse.

As a Christian, I indeed pray for President Bush daily and urge others, as the New Testament teaches (1 Timothy 2:1-2) to do the same. But I warned repeatedly that only na ƒ ¯ve and undiscerning Christians would see him as a pro-Christian figure.

As a conservative voter, I know that pseudo-conservative establishment Republican administrations with their Council of Foreign Relations dominated foreign policies and Tri Lateralist economic policies do as much harm to America as any Democrat administration. In the 1950’sthe Republicans left the Kim regime in power in North Korea to haunt us another day and effectively handed the Arab Middle East over to the Soviet block in the Suez crises. In the 60’s, Republicans let Castro come to power in Cuba after supporting an equally as horrific Batista, left an American ship still in North Korean pirated on the high seas (still in North Korean hands), and while the CIA’s Air America trafficked in heroine, began a policy of d ƒ ©tente, massively extending trade credit to the Soviets who in turn were engaged in the supplying the North Vietnamese with the hardware to kill Americans, eventually losing Viet Nam in the 70’s. In the 80’s, as we learned how CIA operatives trained Libyan terrorists (with Bush Sr. as CIA Director), the Republicans quadrupled the national debt, destroyed the balance of trade, and took America from being the world’s biggest lender to its biggest borrower with deficits the biggest free spending liberal couldn’t imagine. Meanwhile, as communism collapsed under the weight of its own inefficiency, a Republican administration guaranteed the interest on the Polish debt and provided weapons to an Islamic terrorist regime in Iran and than denied it, again, with a Bush as co-pilot. Another member of the Bush family (the President’s brother) was a key player at the center of the S&L scandal that wound up costing the US tax payer more than the Viet Nam war. Meanwhile, George Bush Sr., a chief member of the Tri Lateralist commission, coined the phrase “New World Order’.

Now under Bush Jr. it is business as usual. As with all Republican administrations, all Christians get is cosmetic action on abortion. Just as Republicans armed the Taliban, carried on d ƒ ©tente with the Soviet suppliers of North Viet Nam, fostered Noriega in Panama (again, while Bush Sr. directed the CIA), backed Sadam Hussein, and provided weapons to Ayatollah Khomeini and lied about it to Congress and the public (with Bush Sr. as Vice President), a Republican administration today is again outfitting our enemies and arming and training the Palestinian Authority. It is always the same old story. Every time the Republicans get in the economy goes down the tubes and we wind up losing a war.

Republicans left wars un-won in Korea in 1953 and in Iraq in 1991, and lost Viet Nam. Now they are not winning the war on terror.

For a solid year after 15 of the 19 September 11th terrorists were known as being Saudis, as is Bin Ladin, the Bush government continued to place American lives at risk by importing more Saudis with the special express visa program for Saudis to enter the USA more easily than applicants from other nations. For fear of upsetting the Saudis, Bush refused to carpet bomb Kandahar allowing Bin Ladin to most likely escape. The Bush White House denounced the outspoken criticism of Islam with its wide spread persecution of Christians and anti-Semitism by Evangelical leaders such as Franklin Graham and Pat Robertson.

Whether President Bush is truly “born again” we cannot judge. What is obvious, however, is that President Bush is “born”  into a dynasty of political prostitutes owned and operated by international oil interests (as seen in the Enron fiasco) who demand he placate the Christian persecuting and terrorism breeding Saudi Arabians at the expense of justice, human rights and even national security. The Bush war on terror is a charade. Sadam Hussein only remained a potential threat because George Bush Sr. left him in power (just as a Republican administration left North Korea an ongoing threat), so George Bush Jr. staged a side show in Iraq diverting attention away from eliminating the real engines of terror, primarily the Wahabist regime of Saudi Arabia upon which the House of Saud depends for power. Despite only 8% of American oil imports coming from Saudi Arabia, the Saudis are needed not mainly to protect American interests (Saudi Arabia is as much a strategic liability as an asset), but to manage oil price stability by controlling output, to represent the interests of energy multi nationals who rule Mr. Bush, and to prevent crude from being priced in Euros. Iran, the second engine of terror is in rising domestic turmoil, and Syria is bankrupt. But the House of Saud is upheld by the House of Bush.

If George Bush, like his father, would sell America’s interests and security down the river for the price of a barrel of oil, how much more quickly would he betray the persecuted Christian church or Israel to radical Islamic interests?

After President Bush twisted Israel’s arm into accepting his “road trap” , Israel withdrew security blockades, released militant Islamic prisoners, and even dismantled West Bank outposts. Hamas, who are ideologically a Shia version of the Sunni Al Qaeda, responded by killing four Israeli soldiers and holding a mass rally denouncing the Aqaba accords. Abu Mazen, a published denier of the holocaust who helped organize the slaughter of the Israeli Olympic team in Munich, responded by calling Hamas “his brothers”  and saying he would not crack down on Hamas but only continue to talk while Hamas continues to kill.

Indeed, Abu Mazen does not even control the PLA security apparatus, Arafat still does. Abu Mazen, (his actual name is Mahmoud Abbas) has only a single digit popularity rating among his own people. The only bigger farce than the Mr Bush’s “Road Map to Peace” is Mr. Bush himself. He knows very well that the Israeli helicopter attack on the Hamas leader was a counter attack after Hamas responded to Israeli acceptance of the Road Map at Aqaba with a terrorist attack.

While the CIA assassinates Al Qaeda leaders traveling in a car in Yemen in response to the terror attack on the USS Cole, once Israel does the same thing Bush hypocritically condemns Israel for only doing exactly as America did under the same circumstances. The Bush administration ordered the Pentagon to eliminate pro-Sadam forces who killed American troops in Iraq last week, but castigates Israel for taking the same action after4 Hamas killed Israeli troops. Yet even while Abu Mazen fails to comply with the first requirement of the Road Map, to stop terror, Bush blasts Israel for defending its citizens. My sister’s husband was murdered in the Twin Towers by Mr Bush’s “religion of peace and tolerance” . Two weeks ago I was in Kenya, watching the starved economy of that country being starved more due to the terror threat on tourism from his “religion of peace and tolerance” , On my way back from Africa I was in the Persian Gulf doing very low key evangelism. I have seen the plight of Arab Christians living under Mr. Bush’s “religion of peace and tolerance” . The day before yesterday I was exactly three streets away from a bus blown up killing 20 people and injuring a further 70 on the streets of Jerusalem, by his religion of “peace and tolerance”  . As I watched the horrific carnage of ambulances shuttling the legless and armless to Bikkur Cholim hospital across the street from where I was standing, I listened to news reports with the Bush White House effectively demanding Israel continue to comply with his Roads Map even while the Moslems fail to comply by stopping the violence.

Meanwhile, it is the same old story. When the Taliban were harboring Al Qaeda when he first came into office, Bush tried “dialogue”. The result of this dialogue was September 11th. This is typical Republican diplomacy and is very much true to form. As the Soviets were equipping North Viet Nam to kill Americans during detente, a Republican administration tried dialogue. The result of their dialogue was the fall of Saigon. Now as Saudi Arabia funds the militant Islam that engenders terror, Bush tries a diplomacy of “dialogue” . And as Israelis are murdered by Hamas, Bush exports his abject strategy to Israel with strong arm tactics, insisting that Abu Mazden engage in “dialogue” instead of action, demanding that Israel does not react to Hamas attacks so as not to upset the “dialogue” while with his usual dual standards, Bush does not dialogue with the Iraqi Baathists who kill Americans, but wipes them out, only to condemn Israel for doping the same thing.

In effect, George Bush has a policy of coercion and at the behest of the State Department and the Saudi placating oil lobby; in essence he is twisting Israel’s arm into surrendering to the demands of the same brand of Islamic terror responsible for September 11th. This is George Bush Sr. and this is George Bush Jr.

As a Christian, on the basis of Genesis 12:1-3, I pray to God that God’s judgment falls on George Bush rather than it fall on America because of George Bush.

As he continues to force Israel to acquiesce to the insatiable demands of Islamic jihad in compliance with the interests of his oil masters who put him in office with the help of ignorant and gullible Christians while at the same time amplifying a claim to be at war with terror, I am drawn to the writings of the Hebrew prophet Daniel:

“It is The Lord who establishes kings and removes kings” . (Daniel 2:1-2).

As Mr. Bush, acting at the behest of international energy interests, licks the boots of a Saudi regime that finances the support of terror and decapitates believers in Jesus for their faith, and as he seeks to compel Israel to abandon its God given land to a barbaric religion that persecutes Christians , murders Americans, and carries out terrorism, I draw a sense of comfort from Daniel’s words. The Democrats do not deserve the next presidential election, but George Bush certainly deserves to lose.

May the same God of Israel who removed George Bush Sr. from the White House after one term likewise so remove his son.

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