Pat Van Albert’s Testimony

My husband and I are members of Calvary Chapel of Delaware County. We are really blessed by this ministry and have learned alot from Jacob. You are always in our thoughts and prayers.

I’am a former catholic, I received Jesus, as my Savior, in May of 73. My husband came into the family a year later.

I remember that I was really searching and felt very confused, I got mixed up in the occult. The catholic church seemed to help with my interest in alot of these “dark practices.” I started asking my priest about alot of things that were bothering me. We spent alot of time talking and I was getting even more confused. The witch that I was involved with sent me to another priest. I was told to read, The Exorcist.

One of my friends, came to see me and told me about Jesus. I had’nt heard to much about Him, but I was really touched by the change in my friend.

I went back to meeting with my priest. I had alot of questions that he could not answer, he seemed to be confused too. He would just shake his head and tell me, he did’nt know what to do with me. I came home and that evening, after my kids were in bed and my husband was at school, I looked at the Bible. I felt secure and not afraid of the demons, that I was told about all of the time. I closed my eyes, and just thought about this Jesus. I asked Him, the best way that I knew how to be Lord, of my life. Nothing seemed to happen, but what a peace and such love that I now felt. A quiet, strong presence of awesome love.

I returned to church to go to confession, while standing in line, I realized that I was talking to my Jesus. He forgave me and cleansed me of all my sins. When I went in to talk to my priest, I knelt down and said, I have already talked to Jesus, and I’am forgiven. The priest knew that it was me and said that he believed I was forgiven and just said, God bless you. Later he told me he had alot of changes to make, I was’nt sure what he meant, but he left the church. I pray that I see him again in Heaven.

A short time after, my parents and my children came to Jesus. Praise God!

I would like to thank you for your service in the Lord.

In His Name,
Pat Van Albert

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