Monique McManus Testimony

I was born and raised catholic. At 18 I left the church, my home and moved in with my boyfriend. Bad scene drugs, drinking-bars, bad crowd, abortion, fornication. Really, I should have been killed several times. After marrying, God literally took me out of the bad places and people, still having the urge, but was ok if not around. He had protected me and gave me extra strength to overcome. (not knowing what was really happening)

Then I had my son- a newer revelation, the devil would test me with “people and drugs”  and I went back once, had an overwhelming sense of this is not right. guilt, paranoid, evil. I cut off anything that would lead to those ways, and to this day standing strong in Jesus Christ. I wanted my child to be raised by God’s principle’s, my ways were changing, at first I thought is was because of having a baby, then I realized it was God’s grace, I always knew about Jesus, just not all the truth. so not knowing anything else I went back to catholicism. I was uneasy with some things they taught so I started praying He would lead me in the church He wanted us to be in, my husband at the time would not determine that. Sadly to say, I divorced and remarried. just recently I discovered the TRUE MERCY in forgiveness of Jesus Christ. When I left my 1st husband I left the catholic church. After 10 yrs of praying about a church, what convicted me to leaving the church was, an audible voice whom spoke my name and said read “the Book” . I read NT non stop till I was finished, saw the error, deception of the catholic church, renounced it to my whole family asked God to forgive me for being untrue and sinning, never turned back. The catholic church (evil) has such a strong hold, I was actually feeling guilty because I thought if I didn’t pray or say the rosary to mary, or their novena’s and saints God would be offended/hurt and I would be sinning against Him. And I rarely did that type of thing, to start out with. Just think of the souls that do it faithfully” ¦.like my mother. So I said ok God you said this so im not going to do that and He gave me the peace like never before. Now communion was hard because I thought I was receiving Jesus and if I gave that up I wouldn’t have Him any more” ¦” ¦.The God Almighty gave me peace and courage on that one, yes indeed! HalleluYAH! Glory be to God.

That was 3 yrs ago. And I’m still learning and following after my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Praise His Holy name “Yahweh” .

. Yes they do bow down to a wafer in a sun dial looking thing made of gold, saying it is Jesus in an adoration room. Yes they think they have to turn to mary, because of some unknown reason they cant go directly to Jesus. I think their ways have changed a little on this but neglected to tell the people, they said without their baptizim you can not go to Heaven. They are saying they are the one true church and my mom thinks im going to hell. They call the pope “holy father”  and can not see what that means. I was told by my mother at the time of my birth I was offered up to mary. You also pay them money to get your dead ones out of purgatory earlier. They may say they don’t agree or follow what the Vatican says, but they are still involved and associating with evil.

Love in Jesus Christ


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