Cathy Geever’s Testimony

I was born and raised in a Catholic family going back 5 generations composed of two Catholic nationalities – French on my mother’s side of the family and Polish on my father’s side. I went to Catholic school for 8 years. I grew up under Catholic church doctrines that really hate women. I got too many A’s in school, so the priests and nuns complained to my mother that I was threatening the church and family by getting on the honor roll too much. Decent Catholic girls are expected to deliberately play dumb and be subservient, just like in Muslim countries.

There is an amazing similarity between Catholic and Muslim societies, especially in the subjugation of women and deliberate suppression of their education. The Catholic church also encourages violence and beating of women. My father beat my mother and us five children all the time with the full knowledge and approval of the Catholic priests. In Catholic school, the nuns were similarly violent and abusive. Slapping, pulling the hair, slamming students into walls, and constant screaming were the daily school routine. We also had to kneel in church for hours, until students fainted or vomited. My mother said all this was good for us. Catholic homes and schools are incredibly violent. This engenders a hereditary, entrenched culture of violence. Catholics become very angry whenever their “superior” religion, doctrines, or culture is criticized in the slightest way. The Catholic church regularly expels anyone who reads the Bible and asks priests any questions, which they usually cannot answer.

All this recent exposure of child molesting reveals that Catholic priests are a parasitic ruling class that doesn’t care about the people. Catholic priests live in isolated rectories, where they don’t interact much with the people. They move around constantly from one city to another and across the country, so they never develop a sense of community with the people. They are a separate, privileged, ruling class all to themselves. Consequently, they harden into a rude, selfish character with NO feelings for other people. They become motivated entirely by selfish gain, with no sense of love or compassion for other people. The celibate lifestyle of the priests warps them into unnatural sexual urges that find expression in drunkenness, pornography, and various lusts, including homosexuality and child molesting. And they claim to be the “true, holy church” founded by Jesus!

The only way out of this corrupt and degrading way of life is to get into Biblical Christianity with a clear recognition of Jesus Christ. The Catholic church absolutely despises evangelical Christians, because they know that the Bible disproves their religion and exposes it as false. So they resort to violence to keep their hold on people and societies.

You know, in some of the major Messianic Jewish organizations, such as the MJAA and the UMJC, I notice this very same mentality. Their leaders love to call themselves, “rabbi” or “Apostolic Director”, or other fancy titles, which Jesus says NOT to do in Matt. 19 and 23. They also have rules and regulations against women. The messianic leaders are isolated from the people and are very arrogant and domineering over the people, again disobeying the Bible, Ez. 34; Jer. 23. I see the Catholic church all over again in them. When I look at the messianic organizations and how they operate, I can see the mechanism of how the Catholic church got started. It all has to do with the lust and greed for power, and using religion to get power and empire over people. The greatest crimes of violence in world history have been committed by the major churches, either the Catholic church and also the mainline protestant churches, which resemble Catholicism in their doctrines and organizations. Not only did we see the crusades, which killed 2 million people (including most Jews in Europe and the awful massacre of Jerusalem in 1099), but also the witchcraft genocide in Europe (1480 to 1800), which saw the public slaughter of 9 million innocent women as witches. When women got too old to have children, they were killed as witches to get rid of them. If they got too smart, they were killed as witches by the church, both protestant and Catholic. The only thing protestants and Catholics agreed on was the insatiable need to slaughter women in large numbers. To this day, church history textbooks do NOT discuss the heavy church involvement in the witchcraft genocide of women, or the African slave trade, or racial segregation and lynching, the crusades, or the heavy church involvement in the holocaust of WWII. I see NO repentance from the church, either Catholic or Protestant, for the historic crimes of violence committed by the church through the centuries. How can you call this “Christian”?. All I hear from church authorities is, “shut up, woman”, or “women should be silent in the church”. This is a Catholic mentality in many Protestant churches as well. I am grieved and embarrassed that I grew up in the evil, segregated, Catholic church system that looks down on women, Jews, and people of color. All this grieves Christ and denies Christian salvation.

What we need to see is the priesthood of ALL believers with NO distinctions of race, gender, or social class, Gal. 3; Rev. 5; Eph. 1-2. The different functions described in the pastoral epistles should be according to the gifts that God has granted each person. No one should be barred from ministry because of how they are born. This means giving up the idea of using religion to get power and empire over people. As Christ says, “the greatest one among you shall be one who serves”. Leaders should lead by example and not lord their power over others. Issues of church discipline, correction and reproof should be handled privately by leaders with the parties involved in dispute, or ultimately by the whole congregation at large, Matt. 18. The priesthood and scholarship of ALL believers MUST be encouraged, 2Tim. 2-3, Rev. 5. If we adhere to these Biblical guidelines, that is the best way I can see to defeat the Catholic spirit in the church and bring about TRUE repentance and salvation to the church. And I think God will bless these efforts, if we sincerely try to do them. Thanks for listening. Blessings and love.

In the Victory of Jerusalem,
Cathy Geever

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