USA Elections ““ Prayer is More Important than Politics

By James Jacob Prasch

Beware also of the Vatican, Islamic & Mormon geo-political agendas

As the book of Daniel teaches it is God who removes and establishes kings, and as we see in the books of Kings and Chronicles nations get the leaders they deserve.

Pro-abortion Barack Obama’s religion is purely the salvation-less leftist liberation theology of Jim Wallis and the racism of Obama’s,  religious mentor Jeremiah Wright.

All three professing Evangelicals, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, and Rick Perry are gone or are fading from political sight.

Now, the playing field has narrowed to Newt Gingrich who is a recent convert to a Marian Roman Catholicism; but worse still Rick Santorum is an inducted ‚   Roman Catholic Knight of Malta (a political agency of Vatican efforts to surreptitiously influence or control governments) and a devotee of the religio-political cult Opus Deo founder Jose Maria Escrive, the Spanish Jesuit ‚   who sought to unite Franco’s fascism with Roman Catholic dogma and who had displayed sympathies towards the Nazis and Mussolini. Rick Santorum once flew to Europe to give an address on honor of Escrive and was inducted into the Knights of Malta in New York City in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. He is also a Latin traditionalist Catholic who ritually observes the idolatry, necromancy, and cannibalism of the Mass in Latin liturgy. I am not attacking either Mr. Gingrich or Mr. Santorum personally or politically, nor attacking Catholics, but we ought not be deluded regarding the demonic nature of their religious beliefs and the horrific corruption of its orchestrated conspiracy to protect pedophile sex criminal clergy instead of protecting the children they rape and molest.

Perhaps more disturbing still is Mormon Mitt Romney, whose religion teaches that Jesus Christ is the spirit brother of Satan. Romney, not Obama, is the founder of the controversial Obama-care in Massachusetts where tax dollars could be used to fund elective abortion.

From the American Family Association to Jerry Falwell’s so called “Moral Majority” naive and undiscerning Christians have looked too much to a political salvation and have usually been hoodwinked by their own lack of discernment and the manipulation of conniving politicians who use Christians then discard them until the next election. The litany of undeniable and well documented facts is indeed pitiful:

  • Jerry Falwell embraced Korean cult leader Sun Myung Moon, who claims to be greater than Jesus and the returned Christ. Falwell proclaimed Moon “an unsung hero” after receiving a multimillion dollar cash gift from Moon for his “ministry.”
  • Ronald Reagan lied to Christian America claiming to be pro life only to knife his Christian supporters in the back the first chance he got by appointing a pro abortion judge, Sandra Day O’ Connor to the Supreme Court. Reagan’s justice Sandra Day O’ Connor wrote the court’s decision ordering the 10 commandments out of Alabama’s Judicial building against the will of 77% of the American public. She also wrote the decision outlawing the Texas anti sodomy law that opened the door for same sex marriage. Reagan, an admitted free mason, was more reliant on his wife’s advice than any president in post war history and it was conclusively disclosed that she, Nancy (whom Reagan married after his Hollywood divorce from his rightful wife Jane Wyman) was obtaining counsel from fortune tellers such as Jean Dixon before advising her husband. The Word of God calls this witchcraft and condemns such occult practices of the Reagan White House as utterly demonic.
  • Billy Graham was recorded in the White House ‚  with Richard Nixon before Nixon was forced to resign for corruption and criminal conspiracy in the Watergate scandal denouncing Jews. Graham told Nixon that Jews do not know how he really feels about them and urged Nixon to stop the Jews.
  • Although the New Testament in 1 John warns denial of the Father-Son relationship (a basic tenet of Islam taught in the Koran) is “anti Christ”, George W. Bush placed a Koran (stating in a sura that “god is not begotten neither does he beget – God has no son”) in the White House to honor Islam after the September 11th Islamic attacks.
  • As Reagan’s Sandra Day O’Connor ordered God out of the court room, Eisenhower’s Earl Warren Supreme Court ordered God out of the class room, and Nixon’s Berger Supreme court ordered God out of the maternity ward with Roe v Wade; 55 million babies have been non-therapeutically aborted in the USA since.

All of this treachery and betrayal was at the hands of politicians elected with the support of most Christians as if the Republican Party is less evil than the Democratic party.

We indeed must pray for whoever gets elected and never support any candidate who is pro abortion or an enemy of the clear ‚  teaching of the Word of God (such as Hillary Clinton who recently equated faith based opposition to homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, and transgenderism to Islamic honor killing). Neither must we support any candidate who will bring judgment on our own countries by cursing Israel or trying to divide God’s land or those who sing the praises of Islam as Bush and Carter did while Christians are persecuted actively under Islamic Sharia law in every Islamic country. But we cannot align the gospel with any political party or look for a political salvation. It is not a mere case as many could argue that all parties are corrupt and all politicians are hypocrites and liars – however true these sad facts may be. But it is rather that politicization of the Word of God or identifying the message of Jesus or the mission of the church with any political agenda or party is simply nor scriptural. Let us pray for whichever politician gets elected but let us remember that a time is coming when Christ returns that the government will indeed be on His shoulder (Isaiah 9:6).

Let us also be mindful however that Mormonism is cultic and in no scriptural sense is it Christian, but ‚   it does have a prophetic political theology – a false and dangerous one.

To this end, we therefore urge our readers to consider the article below by Brother Mike Oppenheimer:

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